2One2 California Keeps It Classy: Patient Privacy Reimagined


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  • Address: 212 California St., San Francisco, CA 94111

2One2 California – San Francisco, CA

2One2 California is located in the hub of San Francisco’s Financial District, walking distance from Embarcadero’s BART station. Named after its address—there are no neon signs highlighting its location—2One2 opened in September 2015, creating a space specifically for business people in the neighborhood.

2One2 California - San Francisco, CA

Discrete By Design

Surrounded by Michelin restaurants and financial services companies, 2One2 caters to the discrete, professional consumer. Once inside, you’re invisible from the street and the waiting room feels incredibly private. The dispensary decorations are sparse, walls are stark white and music plays subtly in the background. Those used to traditional dispensaries may find this place almost clinical, but that’s sort of the point.

2One2 relies less on pushing product, and more on finding what’s right for the customer. Photos and detailed descriptions replace rows of flowers on display, while product testing reports add texture to 2One2’s underlying narrative, highlighted by Dispensary Manager Brian: “We are all about quality. We haven’t lost a customer because of our smaller selection.”

2One2 California - San Francisco, CA

The Finest Oil on the Planet

2One2’s selection is curated to reflect healthy products. Instead of stocking every possible strain, they’ve handpicked an assortment of flowers representing what they consider best. And the small number of edibles on the menu reflects concerns about filling people with sugar. They also offer pre-rolls, CBD capsules and one topical cream (for now), but the CBD oil is 2One2’s shining jewel.

Describing themselves as “the purveyors of the finest oil on the planet,” 2One2 only carries cartridges from a vendor that processes oil without introducing solvents or chemicals, resulting in a truly clean vaporizing experience. Brian informs me that simply trying the oil will tell me everything I need to know.

He isn’t kidding. The moment I hit the OG vape, I’m immediately struck by how pristine it tastes. I savor the terpenes more than I ever have with a pen, and I’m actually amazed by how similar it is to smoking flower. The high itself was clean. My mind felt clear and focused even as I enjoyed the overall effects—and they were quite enjoyable!

2One2 California - San Francisco, CA
2One2 California – San Francisco, CA


Kaisha-Dyan McMillan

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