411 on 420: An Interview with Darrel and Amy

Tune in to KLAY 1180 AM every Saturday morning at noon for exclusive interviews and discussions with industry and local leaders. The brainchild of Darrel Bowman with Amy Ansel as co-host, 411 on 420 is the first radio program of its kind on the AM airwaves. It is a show that focuses on cannabis knowledge and information rather than simply promoting the use or extolling the virtues of the plant.

Well connected in the Puget Sound business community, Bowman was a business consultant for years before hosting the long-running BizTech Talk, also on KLAY 1180, for years while Ansel has roots in Microsoft. 411 on 420 launched this past November and since then, the hosts have already welcomed a bevy of local luminaries, including John Davis, constitutional lawyer Scott Stafne, councilmen, the Mayor of Tacoma, and the founders of CannaCon.

When they first started out, aside from the obvious risk of talking about cannabis on federally regulated airwaves, the station manager asked Bowman a question: “Do you think you really have enough to talk about?” To this Bowman chuckled, knowing that education is imperative, and got to work producing content that brings understanding and awareness to the industry and business community.

“Everywhere we go, Amy is in the know,” Bowman said. The duo’s intimate knowledge of the cannabis network, as well as many other sectors, is vital to their goal to normalize cannabis and bring it into the mainstream. Ansel said they want to put cannabis on the same level as any other industry. “With conversation comes commerce, and commerce can bring normalcy.”

The medium of radio is unique as a place to hold conversations about pressing topics. The Internet is great for information, but there are so many diversions and distractions that it is hard to hold a meaningful discussion without being entirely sidetracked. On the radio, people can tune in for long periods of time and feel compelled to define their own opinions. The team at 411 on 420 is bringing news and information to the masses in the hopes that they will make their own educated decisions. “We don’t promote getting high,” Bowman said.

“Cannabis touches virtually every industry, including sustainability, textiles, oil and natural gas, disease management, and agriculture,” said Ansel, as Bowman started to explain a nefarious plastics plant being built in the south of Puget Sound. The Port of Tacoma is currently allowing a foreign-owned company to build a potentially dangerous natural gas and plastics plant that will put thousands of lives at risk and poison the ecosystem. It is a truly shocking tale that is bringing people out in droves to emergency town hall meetings. However, it could all be solved with one perfectly green solution. Hemp could be used to produce the plastics without the natural gas, all while positively contributing to local environmental health. This could be done with American businesses without ruining the waterways and would actually help reduce carbon dioxide in the atmosphere; all without the risk of an exploding power plant.

To learn more, tune in each week. Listeners can live stream the show globally and listen to past episodes at 411on420.biz.

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