420° Hot Sauce: Green Halo Delivers the Heat


  • Test Results: 200mg THC per 5oz bottle
  • Tested By: Desert Valley Testing | desertvalleytesting.com
  • Facebook: @thegreenhalotucson
  • Instagram: @haloinfusions
  • Twitter: @TheGreenHalo
  • Website: thegreenhalo.org

Chronic 420° Hot Sauce by Green Halo

I love adding a little spice to my life, so the 200mg 420° Hot Sauce from Halo Infusions & Extractions, produced by the Kitchen at The Green Halo, is the perfect addition to my daily infusion routine. I crack open the bottle and dab a healthy portion on to my Tuesday plate of crispy fish tacos. Hot damn!
Tangy aromas of pepper and cayenne tickle my nose as I take my first bite, filling my mouth with fresh flavors of fish, avocado and cilantro, complimented perfectly by the spicy Louisiana-style sauce laced with notes of vinegar, tomato, garlic and chili.

The mild fire lingers on my tongue as its potency begins to take effect. Starting behind my eyes, the sensation rapidly expands throughout my body, filling me with blissful and subdued calm. My muscles relax as I sink into my seat and my stress and anxiety burn away. My chronic neck pain evaporates, allowing me to stay focused and flow through my day. Is it dinner time yet?

420° Hot Sauce by Green Halo

Available At…

  1. The Green Halo: 7710 S Wilmot Rd., Tucson, AZ 85756
  2. All Greens Dispensary: 10032 W Bell Rd #100, Sun City, AZ 85351
  3. Harvest of AZ – Scottsdale: 15190 N Hayden Rd., Scottsdale, AZ 85260