420 Vision Mix Popcorn: Pop on Your Leisure Suit

Test Results: 200mg per bag  |  Tested By: CW Analytical

Chi-Town Mix is inspired by Chicago, although Leisure Life’s kernels quickly transported me to the chill California lifestyle pictured on their logo. Soon after munching on the blend of finger-licking cheddar and tooth-sticking caramel popcorn, I was leaning back, letting worries float off into the horizon.

The distinct presence of cannabis on my tongue indicated I was in for a potent experience. The flavor curiously and symbiotically melds sweet, salty and savory. I found myself daydreaming, yet active, enjoying a notable lack of couch-suck, even for an indica—something I’ve pleasantly found common to edibles such as Leisure’s, which are made with cold-water hash.

Available At: Mirage Medicinal 415-264-5328 miragemedicinal.com  | Magnolia Wellness 161 Adeline St. Oakland, CA 94607| StashTwist stashtwist.com (510) 325-4493

Instagram: @leisure.life | Facebook: facebook.com/thechilledible


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