420 Stock: Cannabis Packaging

Back in the 1800s, settlers flocked to Northern California during the gold rush. Many had hopes and dreams of finding gold nuggets and striking it rich. However, as history plays out, we know that most of the settlers that came to California in search of gold did not end up striking it rich, and it was in fact the shop owners, selling picks and shovels that cashed out large.

Fast forward nearly 200 years later, and California is experiencing another gold rush, only this time, it’s dubbed “The Green Rush.” In fact, jobs in the burgeoning cannabis industry are expected to outpace the entire manufacturing industry with 300,000 new jobs by 2020. And, like the pick and shovel merchants of the gold rush era, ancillary businesses that sell products to the green rush profiteers appear to be blossoming as well.

Although many have focused on working directly with cannabis, there are a few who have chosen to take a different approach to California’s “Green Rush.” Casey Knott, 31, is one of those people.

In the fall of 2014, Knott, like many California cannabis innovators, opened up a medical marijuana delivery service in Sacramento, and had grandiose visions of expanding his business to other markets. However, Knott decided that the grey-area business was not ideal to scale-up, and decided to put his energy into another venture.

“It just made more sense to focus on selling ancillary products for the marijuana industry, rather than the actual product itself.” – Casey Knott, Founder of 420 Stock.

Knott noticed the growing need for packaging supplies for cannabis products and in October 2016 launched 420Stock.com, with the aim of appealing to dispensaries and marijuana businesses in need of packaging supplies. With its headquarters and showroom located in Sacramento, 420 Stock is quickly making a name for itself in the marijuana scene as the one-stop shop for cannabis packaging.

420 Stock carries everything from child-resistant pop top containers, to vape cartridges and  concentrate containers—and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. “It’s exciting to be a part of this brand new industry. The market is evolving quickly and we want to be there every step of the way. Our plan for the future is to expand into other arenas besides packaging.” said Vice President Cody Payne.

Customers typically place an order online through their website, or come shop at their brick and mortar location. “Our aim is to be the low-price leader without sacrificing quality, and to get products in peoples’ hands cheaper than anyone else.” says Knott. 420 Stock manufactures most of their products directly, giving them an advantage over other competitors.

With Medical Marijuana now legal in 28 States and growing, the future is looking bright for budding entrepreneur Knott and 420 Stock.