420 Wedding: Nurturing Nuptials

Themed weddings have long been the norm for those who want to break away from tradition. Have a penchant for skydiving? Take your commitment to the sky. Your dogs are your family? No problem: Fido can carry the rings.

What if your family lineage, livelihood, and way of life revolved around farming? You’d more than likely have it out on the north 40 with guests sitting on bales of hay. Your nuptials might include waxing poetic about your love of the land and the bounty it brings. Gratitude for the garden could come into play, along with your commitment to it and to each other.

But what if your life revolved around farming cannabis? Would you bring the bowl to the table? Would your friends and family circle round?

For most, tying the knot with cannabis is just not feasible. Even in a legal state, wedding guests may still be on the fence about lighting up in the reception hall.

Healing Generations

Cory and Justice Schafer each hail from three generations of Northwest cannabis farming families. Their lives both revolve around the seasons of the plant. It’s their medicine, their work, and their good time. Planning a wedding without the plant never crossed their minds.

Their choice was easy since both sides of this family are in favor. Matriarchs and patriarchs alike partook before and after the ceremony with custom glass made for the occasion.

Planning the wedding took some work. The bride and groom hail from California, where ordinances weren’t copacetic to cannabis in a recreational setting. Oregon was chosen instead.

To make the weekend even more open to cannabis, the couple rented beach cottages for the guests in 420-friendly digs, with a party limo to shuttle them around throughout the evening.

Formality & Fun

No expense was spared on the traditional dress for the ceremony, which was replete with embroidered and beaded cannabis leaves on the bodice, custom made by David’s Bridal.

The bride’s train was custom made in New York to match the groom’s tux, which was printed with a micro-photograph of Cherry Pie trichomes—the couple’s favorite strain. The bridal party’s outfits matched the trichome’s colors of purple, lavender, and green.

The bride’s reception dress was created by Janay A Eco Bridal and was a vintage up-cycled dress with beaded cannabis leaves on its bodice.

“Cory and Justice included their life with the plant in their ceremony by making a formal statement about the importance of the herb in their lives for health, well-being, the family’s livelihood, and its benefits to the community.”

Nuptials to Inspire

Justice’s intention of combining the family’s heritage with their wedding vows was clear from the outset, and no apologies were made to anyone for their choices in the ceremony (and in life). Farmers in the cannabis community are still being persecuted while many are healing—a paradox not lost on the couple.

Cory and Justice made a formal statement at the ceremony about the importance of the herb in their lives for health, well-being, the family’s livelihood, and its benefits to the community.

Their nuptials became not only a statement of commitment to each other but to the plant and all it stands for. It was a moving moment in this historic gathering, with nary a dry eye in the house.

420 Wedding

Micro Infused Delights

The Side Door Café in Gleneden Beach welcomed the small wedding party of trusted friends and family. My Girl Friday Events was in charge of the complicated affair, and the flowers were done by Newport Florist and Gifts, which made all the twine in the garlands from hemp. The groom’s cake was in the shape of Cory’s favorite character, Cookie Monster, and was made by My Petite Sweet.

Known for its delicious, organic, and locally sourced foods, the kitchen prepared non-infused appetizers of pulled pork sliders, shrimp cocktail, candied bacon, cheese, and crudité.

Infused treats were prepared by Half Baked Labs and included chocolate-covered strawberries and individually wrapped caramels, clearly labeled for THC-tolerant guests.

Dinner was an impressive and generous amount of steak and lobster with grilled vegetables. Though micro-infusion is the popular path to take for gradual dosing during most cannabis meals, the couple chose not to infuse the dinner itself, relying on appetizers, candies, and infused punch in lieu of alcohol, though a few guests bought drinks from the bar. The cake, also created by Half Baked Labs, was a chocolate sponge cake with chocolate sauce. One large piece of cake would only yield around five milligrams of activated THC, making it a welcomed micro-dosed desert.

The beauty of micro-dosing without alcohol at a party such as this is that no one was out of control and no one became sick with too much THC. Everything was done in moderation.

Table accessories included cannabis starts, centerpieces of large mother plants, and micro-photos of trichomes on a table runner by Cannaflage Designs. The traditional bottle of bubbles was replaced with custom lighters and packs of papers denoting the special day with the couple’s name. They were bundled together in a brown hemp sack along with small bottles of water.

Though partaking was limited to the reception hall, the groom sat with a gold-leaf-wrapped joint behind his ear during the meal. Guests were able to slip away in between courses to medicate and recreate—bride and groom included.

“The beauty of micro-dosing without alcohol at a party such as this is that no one was out of control and no one became sick with too much THC. Everything was done in moderation.”

You May Now Dab the Oil

The party began in the hall with tunes by Mendo Dope. The couple replaced the traditional Champagne toast as they made their way to the dab station for their first hit as husband and wife. The station was hosted by local Cottage Grove dispensary Apothecaria. After taking their first dabs together, they ripped their first bong hits as Mr. and Mrs. at the custom monogrammed ice bong by ICEovation.

Some chose to purchase their own alcohol from the bar, but for the most part, it was an herbal wedding, void of a single drunken moment throughout the entire blessed event.

“This has been the best day of our lives,” Justice said. “I’m grateful for our family and friends—and we are grateful for this plant. It’s a big part of our lives and we were happy to include it in our special day. Hopefully, our coming out in this way for the plant will help others to do the same. That’s our wish.


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