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5 Reasons Why You Should Grow with Hydroponics

GroBox uses the ebb & flow hydroponic method. This is ideal because it prevents root rot, and allows your plant’s roots to breathe and receive the exact amount of nutrients they need.




Have you grown your own cannabis before?

With recreational / medical prices being taxed as much as 35 percent in some states, it makes growing your own flower that much more appealing.

Maybe you’ve thought about growing your own but it just wasn’t realistic because of where you live.

It’s 2018. A lot of us live in urban areas or compact apartments without access to outdoor growing spaces.

The environment is a factor as well, because of the daylight cycles we can really only grow outdoors in the summer.

So, what’s the solution?

Let me tell you about a little thing called hydroponics.

Hydroponics is a method of growing plants that assists you in growing and tending to your plants:

✅ Indoors

✅ Any Season

✅ Soil-Less

✅ 25-35% Faster Growth

✅ Energy Efficient

✅ Conserves MORE water

This method of growing is especially ideal if you want to grow within a small space such as an apartment, or if you’re trying to grow a plant in the dead of winter.

It allows you to grow year-round, unlike traditional growing methods with soil outdoors.

How does Hydroponics work?

There are a few methods of hydroponics, one method is DIY…. If you’re into that. But it will require a hefty chunk of research, time, testing, and of course cash.

Your other option is to go with an automated system, like GroBox.

These are great because the work is already done for you and GroBox will water your plant FOR you and follow whatever lighting settings you prefer. Convenient, right?

GroBox uses the ebb & flow hydroponic method.

This is ideal because it prevents root rot, and allows your plant’s roots to breathe and receive the exact amount of nutrients they need.

Unlike outdoor growing, you get to choose when your plant flowers or stays in a vegetative state. With traditional growing, we can’t grow in winter because the amount of sunlight in each day shortens dramatically, forcing your plant to flower pre-maturely.

Automated systems like the one developed by GroBox make this whole process controllable, it’s easier to create the most optimal conditions for your plant’s growth and your own growing preferences.


Reason #1: It Pays For Itself

Yes you can absolutely grow some killer tomatoes and rare chili peppers in a hydroponics system but let’s be serious.

Like any wise investment, if you’re paying for an automated system it should eventually pay for itself, right?

GroBox does just that. Feedback from beta testers has proven that GroBox will literally pay for itself within the first few grow cycles.

The GroBox Team’s goal since day one has been to create the BEST system with the best value price on the market for you.

Hydroponics & Home Growing is the FUTURE.

In 2017 alone Washington state’s cannabis industry topped 1.1 billion in revenues.

With tax rates inflating prices for medicinal and recreational cannabis (it’s taxed at 35% percent in California) it only makes sense to grow your own for personal consumption.

Reason #2: You Can Grow Anytime, Anywhere


Hydroponic growing can be done in any season, almost anywhere!

With Hydroponics, you laugh in the face of winter. No longer do the seasons control your amazing cannabis grows, you grow what you want, when you want.

Reason #3: Your Plants Grow 25-30 Percent Faster

Remember when we said GroBox gives you complete control of your growing environment?

This type of control allows you to optimize the greenhouse environment to best suit your plant’s needs.

You can set the lighting cycle on 24hrs or less than that. Each grower has their own methods of doing things, depending on who you ask.

Taking advantage of all of the setting features, your plant could grow up to 30 percent faster than it would in an outdoor grow.

Reason #4: You Save Water

Water is one of the world’s most valuable resources, yet it has often been treated as though there is an endless supply.

How do hydroponics help solve this problem?

In California, it’s estimated that 80 percent of water used by humans is used for agricultural purposes. When growing using soil, water will often evaporate, or get lost within the ground.

Since GroBox is an enclosed system, any water not used by the plant will be recycled thus reducing water waste by up to 90 percent!

With that in mind…not only will you help contribute to saving one of our most valuable resources, but you’ll also be able to reduce your water bill!

Win-win, right?

Reason #5: Did You Say… No Pests?


If you’ve ever grown plants outdoors or in a soil based environment, you’ll understand how troublesome pests and disease can be for your plants.

Nothing hurts more than when it’s harvest time and you notice a million tiny caterpillars wrapped intricately around your buds. What a nightmare.

Most of us would rather take a scooter to the ankle than to ever have to spend hours handpicking those little green monsters out of our buds.

This is the beauty of GroBox. No pests.

The controlled hydroponic environment puts the ball in your court.

Now, here’s what’s important for you to do to control pests and disease in your hydroponics system:

  • If transplanting a clone CAREFULLY monitor it daily & quarantine any pest or disease-ridden clones
  • Keep your hydroponics system clean
  • Ensure you don’t accidentally bring in any pests or diseased clones

If you’re transplanting a clone from an outdoor garden, quarantining pest or disease-ridden plants at first-sight is extremely important to stopping it from spreading.

The biggest reason why a contained grow system like GroBox can help you prevent pest and disease from attacking your plants is because of the design of the contained grow house—there’s NO entrance for pests.


Growing plants quickly, easily, and sustainably within a small space is now more possible than ever using an automated system like GroBox.

So let’s recap:

✅ It pays for itself

✅ You can grow in ANY season all year long

✅ Your plants grow faster and stronger

✅ It’s sustainable and efficient

✅ NO pests

Hydroponics is an amazing solution to growing your plants easily and sustainably in any location.

You can get your own all-in-one GroBox HERE







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