Lemon Tea Cake: 50mg to Freedom

Test Results:  THC 80.01%  |  Tested by: Desert Valley Testing

When I’m reaching for an edible, I usually think of a brownie or a cookie, but after trying this decadent Lemon Tea Cake from Sublime Brands Elevated Cannabis, I’m hooked.’

Lemon Tea Cake
Lemon Tea Cake

My mouth waters as I pull the magic morsel from the fridge. The fresh blueberry glaze glistens atop a mesa of lemony frosted goodness, concealing the dense, moist cake beneath. My first bite bursts with bits of delicate white chocolate and notes of creamy sweet citrus. The 50mg of infused Champagne Distillate blends seamlessly throughout, creating a perfect balance with each flavor in this artisanally-crafted confection.

I wasn’t sure if the dosage would do the trick, but 15 minutes pass and I can feel it kicking in. My heart flutters as my eyes lower, and a quirky smirk creeps across my face. That buttery, warm feeling spreads through my body as my muscles and joints give in to relaxation. I get the sensation of feeling uplifted and bubbly…must be that Champagne Distillate.

Hours later and this ‘tea party’ is still going strong. I’m convinced—this is a standout product among its competitors. Not only is it straight up delicious, it’s ideal for any consumer concerned with quality.



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