7 of the Weirdest Food-Related Places Around the World: Soup-erb (Sorry) Locations You Knead (Sorry!) to Know

1. Beer Swimming Pools at Starkenberger Brewery

You could go on a $10 brewery tour at Starkenberger castle and view their brewing process, as well as the seven pools filled with a total of 42,000 pints of yeast-enriched water…or you could reserve an entire pool of beer to yourself for a refreshingly sudsy dip (and £200 price tag). A charcuterie plate and beer (of the non-pool variety) is provided.

This could be you! 

2. The Alnwick Poison Garden in Northumberland

The brainchild of the Duchess of Northumberland, Jane Percy, and Jacques Wirtz, famed landscape architect, this garden is filled with stunning plants that all happen to be extremely toxic to humans. Tour guides emphasize the dangers of even smelling any of the garden’s plants, yet every year there are multiple instances of fainting

The plant is…well, you know…

3. The Sourtoe Cocktail at Dawson City’s Downtown Hotel

Up in Canada’s Yukon territory, the Downtown Hotel has been serving up a cocktail with an extra bite for over 40 years—a shot of whiskey with a real human toe floating in the glass. Drinkers who brave a brush with the mummified toe are awarded a certificate (and rousing cheers from fellow patrons). While they have multiple toes on standby, earlier this year one of the precious toes was stolen. Downtown Hotel employee Terry Lee remarked to The Guardian, “We are furious . . . Toes are very hard to come by.”

Zero! Zero is good.

4. Norwegian Restaurant Located in the Fucking Ocean

Although it won’t open until 2019, my nightmares about this Norwegian restaurant, designed by acclaimed architecture firm Snøhetta, have already begun. Patrons will enter at sea level, then descend below the surface to a lavish, expansive restaurant complete with champagne bar and window-filled dining area level with the seabed floor. The restaurant will also double as a research facility, so this nightmare fuel isn’t solely an exercise in pushing the boundaries of design.

Me thinking about this damn restaurant.

5. The Idaho Potato Museum

As one TripAdvisor commenter put it, “This is a great little museum for the potato enthusiast!” You hear that, Potatoheads? The largest Pringle chip ever made is on display (a must-see) and various potato snacks are available at the museum’s café. As another TripAdvisor commenter mused, “How Can You Not Stop Here in IDAHO?” How, indeed?

Artist’s rendering of the Potato-Museum-going experience.

6. UFO-Inspired McDonalds in Roswell, New Mexico

Whether or not you believe in aliens, you’ve got to admit this McDonalds is pretty cool. Designed to look like a flying saucer, the fast food joint follows the overall spaced-out Roswell aesthetic. Formulate some Area 51 theories while you chow down!

Evidence of alien activity? Try and deny this one, feds!

7. Staten Island Restaurant With Rotating Grandma Menus

We all know Grandmas are obsessed with making sure you’ve had enough to eat. At Enoteca Maria, Grandmas from all backgrounds head up the kitchen; an Italian Nonna cooks the kitchen’s regular fare, while a second Grandma from a different background creates her own menu for a single night of business. Just be sure to clear your plate!

Ask for seconds, or else. Seriously.


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