The 710 Degree Cup: 2nd Annual Errl Cup Concentrate Awards

The line stretched around the building as Arizona card holders anxiously awaited entry into the 710 Degree Cup; an event that marks the 2nd annual Errl Cup concentrate awards for the state of Arizona.  A proverbial patient playground, this free event offered up nearly 100 vendor booths, free meds, live art, two music stages, a VIP lounge and even hosted a dab-off competition.

Joined by C4 Laboratories, a total of 369 products were tested from all over the state including flower, concentrates and edibles.  Each of the submitted products were blind tested by a group of patient judges and based on those scores, 21 ‘Best-Of’ awards were distributed.  Those results were prominently displayed at the center booth of the event where patients were invited to view those results for themselves.

As I entered, I was greeted by the lovely ladies of VAPEN who hooked it up with a swag-bag and a dab of Paris OG to start the morning off right.  From there, I moved deeper into the event, seeing lots of familiar faces and finding all my favorite products and dispensaries.  “This is the best event I’ve ever been to,” were the words on the lips of many attendees as they realized the magnitude of what they were a part of.

Each vendor came prepared and fully stocked with educational material, fun games, free gifts, amazing raffle prizes and of course, they came packin’ slabs of dabs.  From Canamo Concentrates’ AK-95 Sugar Wax, to Firebrand’s Blueberry Live Resin, to High Grade’s White Romulan Shatter and beyond, I was consistently impressed by the quality of meds on display and available to sample.

2nd Annual Errl Cup Concentrate Awards
2nd Annual Errl Cup Concentrate Awards

In addition to finding my favorite products, I discovered plenty of things I wasn’t familiar with, such as the lighter-pipe combo from Kind Pen, or the aerospace engineered Concentrate Tray from Phoenician Engineering, and even the Glo E-torch; a fire-less, ceramic-tipped torch that heats up to 600 degrees and vaporizes concentrates without an open flame.

“This is the best event I’ve ever been to…”

By far, one of the most alluring aspects of the day was the Errl Wars Dab-off Competition sponsored by Arizona Organix.  ‘’64 Dabbers, 1 Champion’’ were the words scrolled above the rules banner where patients could sign-up for the first official Arizona dab competition.  When their number was called, they were paired off for a timed, head-to-head battle to see who has the bigger lungs.  Starting with a .1g dab, increasing with each round, competitors fell one by one, until only two remained.

Clouds of vapor filled the air as patients surrounded the stage, anticipation mounting for the final dab-off.  Concentrate connoisseurs, Jacob Cohen and Anthony Jimenez, put on their safety helmets and individually prepped their 1.5g dabs of Papa OG.  All said and done, they would be dabbing the equivalent of 4.1 grams in 4 hours.

2nd Annual Errl Cup Concentrate Awards
2nd Annual Errl Cup Concentrate Awards

The tension in the room could be cut with a knife as they waited for the timer to start.  Finally, the signal came and they dropped their dabs.  The stage erupted in plumes of vapor as the contestants consumed the golden globules with great speed and focus.  Cohen was still going strong as Jimenez cleared his chamber at 42 seconds and was crowned the winner to the sounds of thunderous applause.  One thing’s for sure, the kid has some lungs!

With such a supportive turnout from both patients and providers, it’s safe to say that the event was a success.  Not only was it fun, exciting and informative; it provided an honest platform that inspires healthy competition amongst Arizona’s medical marijuana providers.  The result is a tighter knit community with more growers and dispensaries providing better, higher quality meds to patients.  I can’t wait until next year!

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