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7Sacred Truffles



7Sacred Truffles 1

7Sacred Truffles

Test Results: 10mg THC per serving | Tested By: Aurum Labs

7Sacred Truffles

7Sacred Truffles

7Sacred is a holistic cannabis-infused product company based in Telluride. Their small-batch products are handcrafted with intention and made with wholesome organic ingredients. One of the goals at 7Sacred is to honor our ancestor’s wisdom of plant medicine, and to create products that resonate with our bodies natural flow of energy. We’re so excited to introduce you to their new line of rich, savory chocolate truffles. Whether you’re partial to sativa, indica or hybrid strain effects, 7Sacred truffles have  got you covered with four mouth-watering flavors. These little guys pack a powerfully effective punch, and even one 10mg truffle had me feeling surprisingly lifted.


Raw and organic ingredients encourage digestion.

Strain specific flavors gives you the option to choose between a more relaxed or uplifting high.

Designed for the chocolate lover.



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