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99th Floor: Destigmatizing Cannabis Through the Universal Language of Food

99th Floor Edibles Chef Miguel Trinidad

99th Floor

Founded by two New Yorkers, Miguel Trinidad and Doug Cohen, 99th Floor planted its roots in 2015, dedicated to celebrating fine cannabis cuisine in an unsolicited fashion. Their motto? “Destigmatizing cannabis through the universal language of food.” And they do just that. Gaining entry to one of 99th Floor’s high-end dining experiences is something of a mystery, and access to a seat at one of its coveted tables can be next to impossible—and for good reason. Doug and Miguel both work full-time jobs and use 99th Floor as a venue for bringing both newbies and OGs in the cannabis scene together under one roof. 99th Floor exemplifies what the cannabis culture and community are all about: Normalizing the plant.

99th Floor

You won’t find their dining locations online, because each dinner is located at a venue often determined only days before the event commences. You won’t find a menu online, either. Menus are kept on the down-low in an effort to keep attendees in a state of anticipation until they sit down at the table. Cohen, who acts as the event planner and cannabis culture guru, curates seating arrangements in great detail. At a single table, you will witness a plethora of guests from all different walks of life. Doctors sitting next to media moguls; magazine editors dining alongside fashion photographers; crane operators clinking glasses with UX designers. The experience forces diners to break down the barriers that often keep us separated in social situations. It is a social experiment of sorts, and a fascinating event to watch as a fly on the wall.

Who are Doug and Miguel?

Doug Cohen is a jack-of-all-trades. When he isn’t selecting flower arrangements or scouring the country for the next 99th Floor venue, you can often find him making his rounds in NYC and Seattle. He spent some time in the music industry, works as a consultant for high-end businesses across the United States and is raising twins with his lovely wife, Beth—who is as delightful as they come. If you’re interested in diving into the man behind the meals, Chef Miguel Trinidad, turn to page twenty in this month’s magazine. We couldn’t be more excited to share Trinidad’s rise to chef stardom with all of you.

99th Floor

What does a typical five course meal look like?

 You’ll most likely be greeted with a terpene-infused cocktail. A bourbon ginger beer concoction made by a fine mixologist may be awaiting diners—nothing like a cocktail to break the ice, right? On the evening of DOPE Magazine’s journey into the often-unseen world of 99th Floor, we were first served the most delectable beef bone marrow with accompanying crostini and onion jam. The vegetarian next to me even dabbled in the savory marrow without blinking an eye. Our first course was followed by a duck confit dish paired with a deliciously infused market-fresh pea puree. If we could’ve asked for seconds, we would have. Then came the tomato bisque, followed by the catch of the day, seared silk snapper. The snapper shared the plate with chorizo, duck fat fingerling potatoes and the freshest charred corn that ever existed.

And dessert? A chocolate sable with lemon ganache, cherry compote, olive snow and a passion fruit whip. The cherry compote was incredible, and I delighted seeing fellow guests’ eyes grow wide as their plates were set before them. All in all, it was a dinner experience I’ll not soon forget.

 How much cannabis will be consumed?

Chef Trinidad believes that flavor profiles should be enhanced by cannabis, not overpowered. This means you’ll consume enough cannabis at a 99th Floor experience to feel relaxed and comfortable, without fear of impending bouts of paranoia, the spins or nausea. Let’s face it, we’ve all been there, and over-consuming in social atmospheres isn’t how most of us want to spend our Saturday evening. You’ll also have the pleasure of consuming an assortment of cannabis extracted by differing methods, including rosin, wax, cannabis butter or oil, kief—the list goes on and on.

One of the most enterprising components of consumption at a 99th Floor dinner is that Chef Trinidad offers his guests the opportunity to individualize their dining experience based on their desired outcome. Infused sauce or whipped cream can be added to a dish for those feeling they haven’t quite reached their optimal level of high—a great way to provide non-, light- and heavy-consumers with options to customize their personal dining experience.

While 99th Floor isn’t the first—and surely not the last—group to provide curated cannabis meals for experimental diners, they execute the experience in an awe-inspiring and educational manner, keeping you wanting more. Luckily for us, the 99th Floor only continues to rise, meaning we may all get the chance to partake in the fun!

99th Floor