Berry Palette Blaster! 9lb Blueberry by Inflorescence


  • Test Results: 79% THC | 1.9% THC | .56% CBDA | 4.8% Terpenes
  • Tested By: Confidence Analytics
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9lb Blueberry Concentrate by Inflorescence

9lb Blueberry — the name says it all. A perfect example of great terps in, great terps out. After opening the container, I was actually overcome with the aroma of blueberries. I could have sworn I was picking fresh ones right off the bush! After my aromatic astonishment wore off, I brought my nail to temp and went to work, pleased with the perfect icing consistency of this tasty offering from Inflorescence.

Even after sending my nail to Scorch Town, taking hit after hit, I never received the Cough of Drooling Death. Instead, I was the recipient of solid hits that tasted of fresh-picked blueberries, resulting in a nice, hour-long body high that paired nicely with a gym workout. This is a great “all-around” high. My hat’s off to you, Inflorescence, and your perfect 9lb Blueberry!

9lb Blueberry Concentrate by Inflorescence
9lb. Blueberry Concentrate by Inflorescence

Available At…

  1. Green Light: 10309 E Trent Ave, Spokane Valley, WA 99206
  2. The Fire House: 1714 S Canyon Rd, Ellensburg, WA 98926