A Trimmer’s Guide for Self-Maintenance

Trimming cannabis flowers is arguably the most tedious and meticulous step in the production process. Trimmers provide the final touch and can make or break the outcome of a product, but with great responsibility comes great reward and trim rooms can be a magical place. A place where camaraderie forms and lasting relationships are made. Trimming can also take quite a toll on the body mentally and physically. Manicuring is tedious, repetitive work whether the techniques used are hand trimming or working with a machine, and therefore taking care of body and mind is critical.

Trimming typically requires a lot of sitting, and most health care professionals recommend standing and stretching every two hours to keep blood flowing at a healthy rate. If a work environment is conducive to a 5-10 minute walk, great! If not, some yoga stretches for that amount of time will also work. The best stretches for sitting long periods of time are forward folds, lunges, and spinal twists, and wrist stretches as well, especially if trimming by hand.

Trim work is traditionally paid by weight, and this approach may encourage trimmers to skip breaks throughout the workday. If one desires to make trimming a full time gig, and NOT suffer from physical discomfort down the road, then skipping breaks is simply not an option.

A great way to care for the body in between trimming sessions is to book a massage. Many trimmers neglect their bodies and end up with irrevocable damage. Wrist issues and back pain are especially no fun, since they can affect almost everything in daily life. Some may see the expense of a massage as frivolous, but it’s necessary. Many therapists are flexible and will work with clients financially, so make sure to ask. Some insurance companies will even cover part of the expense, and wrists and shoulders will be thankful!

Nourish the body with healthy foods. It’s easy to fall into the trap of eating junk food while trimming. Sweets and energy drinks can feel like they help by giving an initial jolt, but in the end the crash and feel terrible. Consuming high amounts of stimulating food without moving too much throughout the day will cause brain fog. Guaranteed, a trimmer will feel much better at the end of a strenuous workday if the sugar intake is kept low and the veggies high.

Trimming can also take a toll on the mind. Staring at those beautiful cannabis flowers for hours on end can actually lose its magic when eyes start crossing and your brain turns to mush. Some trimmers like to binge on TV and movies, and visual entertainment can be fun but includes some downsides. First off, anything visual can be distracting to the task at hand. Even if someone feels they can watch and work at the same time, chances are your bosses don’t think so. Music is great, but audio books and podcasts can be a mentally nourishing alternative. Check out podcasts on interesting subjects perhaps never studied because the time was never available. How about trying out a new language? The possibilities are endless for keeping the mind sharp while working a repetitive job. Audio books can also be fun in a group setting as well, as great stories tend to spark intellectual conversations.

Trimming is incredibly rewarding when done right, and trim rooms tend to be filled with adventurous types. The task can also be a great focus for meditation, and many find the act very therapeutic, so protecting the body can help folks stay part of the fun for the long haul.