All Aboard The Goodship: A Dreamy Takeoff

10mg THC per package

Taking advice from the charming package, I snap the freshly unwrapped milk chocolate bar in two. Sensitive to edibles, I use discernment and eat half. Ten minutes’ lapse, my cheeks flush and waves of my approaching high flicker across my face. I snap up my winter coat, lace my boots and head out with my roommate for a grocery outing.

The crisp air nips pleasantly at my warm cheeks and once inside the store, I have a harder-than-usual time making decisions. Gala or Granny Smith? Back inside the comfort of our kitchen, my altered state has me whipping up adventurous dishes and laughing at myself. An active high for cozy nights in with friends.


  • Laugh at yourself goodness
  • Quick hitting
  • Active high

Andrea Larson

Andrea is a Seattle native with a passion for the storytelling process. When she isn't curating content for DOPE she can be found binge listening to podcasts, skiing at a local PNW mountain or catching a drag show at Le Faux on Capitol Hill.

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