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Activist Ericka Hart

Inspiring Sexual Liberation and Intersectional Representation

In this year’s Women’s Issue, we sought to tell stories of women and genres often underrepresented in communities across America. Ericka Hart, a breast cancer survivor, shares her frustration with the underrepresentation of black women who have undergone mastectomy surgery. Hart has used her post-cancer body as a tool for bringing awareness to breast cancer survivors through what she has coined “topless activism.” Her liberating work is a testament to her passion for education and dismantling toxic systems that prioritize some and leave others behind. A fearless woman with a thirst to educate, Hart couldn’t be a more appropriate feature in this year’s December Issue!



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Luna Reyna

Luna Reyna believes in the power of journalistic activism and social responsibility. As a writer with DOPE, she tackles many social justice topics that often do not receive the coverage they deserve within the cannabis industry, as well as issues of inclusivity regarding race, gender, class and the LGBTQ communities (to name a few). Luna is also the editor for a magazine called Earthlings Entertainment, serving everywhere from British Columbia on down the north west and pushing east as the progression continues. Earthlings Entertainment challenges the status quo through artistic expression and creative inspiration. EE is committed to curating, highlighting, and sharing only the most intelligent, intriguing, original, and downright edgy releases in Hip Hop and the genres that Hip Hop is a progression of, as well as the umbrella of Electronic music and its sub genres. She also works with The Colossal Collective, a rad group of creative creatures that design larger-than life-puppets you may have seen at one music festival or another.