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So You Want a Gig in the Cannabis Industry? 9 Entrepreneurs Give Their Advice for Cannabusiness Success

Want to get a job in the cannabis industry, but have no idea where to start? Whether you’re a budding brand ambassador, budtender, aspiring podcaster or socialite, we have some words of wisdom for our DOPE readers straight from the experts.



Cannabusiness Success

Cannabusiness Success

Nine successful professionals in the cannabis arena have advice for you! Whether you’re a budding brand ambassador, budtender, aspiring podcaster or socialite, we have some words of wisdom for our DOPE readers. We reached out to some of our closest plant advocates and asked, “If you could give a prospective entrepreneur interested in the cannabis community one piece of advice, what would it be?” Here’s what they had to say.

Ashley Manta, CannaSexual® expert and DOPE writer:

“Networking is everything. Go to events, meet people. Don’t just collect business cards—make connections and make yourself memorable. Figure out what it is that you’re most passionate about and let it shine through you.”

Shango Los, Shaping Fire podcast host:

“The number one thing I can recommend to those pursuing their dream job in cannabis is to not wait to hear about a job opening before applying. Make a list of ten cannabis companies within your commute range that you admire and would like to work for. Then find out who the CEO is and write them a letter explaining why you are uniquely passionate about their company and how you think you could be helpful towards their success. Send a second copy titled ATTN: Human Resources. Visionary leaders of cannabis companies are looking for inspired team members, and in many cases will create a role for you at the company even if they were not hiring.”

For more inspiration, watch Shango’s keynote address from the 2016 Viridian Staffing Juana Career Fair.

Jared Mirsky, Wick & Mortar CEO/Founder:

“Be a voice and not an echo. Stand out, be different, but brand smart.”

April Pride, Founder of Van der Pop:

“Approach your future in cannabis more radically than you would an established, entrenched industry. All is still being formed and unique talent informs that evolution. No need to directly translate your professional experience to date as you consider your contribution to the cannabis industry. This is an opportunity to inform your own evolution, as well!”

Toby Skard, Partner at Futurola USA Amsterdam:

“Be kind, respectful and honest, and show real dedication to what you are trying to accomplish.”

Leon Mostovoy, Pride Cannabis and Wings of Wellness Co-Founder:

“If you are a new business owner, get to know your customer base and stock a large variety of cannabis products based on that demographic. Next, and most importantly, be professional! I always tell my employees who are delivering to our customers to think of themselves like they are waiters at a fine restaurant; be polite, answer product questions, count out their money, give them correct change and hopefully you will get a tip. I believe diversity is power. We presently have a crew of transmen, cis men, lesbians, Korean, Mexican, White and Jewish—we are young, and not as young.”

Kitty Kitty Bang Bang, Brand Ambassador and Social Media Influencer:

“Networking is everything! It really opens a ton of doors.”

Mistress Matisse, Owner of Velvet Swing:

“Follow your dream, but be ready to adapt to a constantly-changing environment. The cannabis industry moves fast and in unpredictable ways. And remember that everyone you meet in the industry, from budtender to CEO, is a potentially valuable contact for your future plans, so get involved in the community and make as many good connections as you can.”

Scott Pearse, DOPE Writer:

“The brilliant thing about the cannabis industry is that we are all interested in and proud to work in the cannabis space, from budtenders, growers, to entrepreneurs and advocates. It’s been my experience that everyone is stoked to be part of this special time in the cannabis industry as it emerges from the shadows into legitimacy. As with any emerging industry, the opportunities for employment or starting a business are there if you want to take them. And that’s often what it takes to find employment—a little ingenuity in how you approach a prospective employer. You need to show that you’re interested, informed and excited to have a cannabis job. Because formal training and pathways into cannabis jobs is still in development, it suits the many of us who are the type that will directly approach employers and explain in clear and concise terms what we can bring to their business and how we will provide value. Delivering on your promises is so important, which could be as simple as just showing up when you say you will. They say good help is hard to find, so just be good help and you’ll find your place in the industry. We’ll be happy to have you.”

Cannabusiness Success

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