Alien Rock Candy: Out-of-this-World Euphoria


  • Test Results: 33.4% THC | .08% CBD
  • Tested By: Anova Laboratory |
  • Instagram: @merakigardens

Alien Rock Candy by Meraki Gardens

Meraki Gardens’ Alien Rock Candy could be from another world, it’s that spectacular. I was mesmerized by the flowers and their brilliant trichomes that sparkled like diamonds in the candlelight. I found the aroma sweet and seductive, luring me into an evening of relaxation and euphoria. The inhale was smooth, the exhale equally so. The buzz crept from my fingers and toes to my hands and feet, up my arms and legs, then centered in my chest and bubbled up into my head. The cold rain was pouring outside, but I was warm by the fire inside — and I was sooo high!

Alien Rock Candy by Meraki Gardens

Available At…

All Hi Cascade locations

All Cannabliss & Co. locations

All The Green Planet locations

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