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Aloha Humboldt – Emerald Triangle, CA

Linsey and Ryan Jones founded Aloha Humboldt after growing in the Arcata area since 2002 and indoor “Octagon Grows” for nine years prior to outdoor cultivation. Since 2009, their estate family farm sits an hour outside of Willow Creek, inside a unique mountainous microclimate in northern Humboldt. When grown at a 2,600-foot elevation, the plants develop a brilliant terpene profile. The environment creates perfect conditions for cultivating craft cannabis. Cannabis dances with the wind in the trees, and ladybugs are released to guard succulent green leaves. The reason for the mood could be Aloha Humboldt’s lunar planning, a gardening practice based on the cycles of the moon, leading to the generation of blissful plants. “[Lunar planning] has made a considerable difference in the health of our plants,” notes Linsey Jones. High elevation also brings snow in wintertime and extreme heat in summertime; Aloha Humboldt must complete their harvest come November. They heat up by cruising down to the Lost Coast, and the family often goes to Hawaii in the cold months, their inspiration for the brand name.

Aloha Humboldt - Emerald Triangle, CA

The Culture

However, the Jones family did not visit Hawaii last year due to busy compliance tasks. Choosing Aloha Humboldt means embracing Hawaiian values to live for love, take it slow and work with intent and purpose; a gentle reminder that the rural pace in the Emerald Triangle aligns with this philosophy. Aloha Humboldt enjoys participating in cannabis food pairing events and plans to coordinate educational courses “demystifying the terpene.” As Linsey Jones explains, “As more terpene education happens, people will begin to understand that mid-range [THC percentage] cannabis is great, too.”

Aloha Humboldt - Emerald Triangle, CA

The Product

Aloha Humboldt’s packaging is bright blue, alluding to a clear blue ocean, and their organic practices create beautiful, sun-kissed flowers. They offer classic and experimental strains, including Sour Diesel and Sky OG, as well as their Pineapple Skunk, which is an effective pain reliever and insomnia aid. Other strains to watch for include Blueberry Cookies and Golden Lemon. Collaboration is in motion with both NASHA and Peak Extracts — NASHA and Aloha Humboldt have already collaborated on hash-infused pre-rolls, and their partnership with Peak Extracts resulted in Amber Oil cartridges.

Aloha Humboldt - Emerald Triangle, CA

“Choosing Aloha Humboldt means embracing Hawaiian values to live for love, take it slow and work with intent and purpose; a gentle reminder that the rural pace in the Emerald Triangle aligns with this philosophy.”

Ashleigh Castro

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