Alpinstash: Sustainable, Quality Cannabis

AlpinStash is intently focused on quality cannabis through conscientious, sustainable growing practices. Walking through the double door entryway, I am greeted by Danny Sloat, the company’s founder. After being treated for chronic stomach pain, thoracic outlet syndrome and even a non-cancerous brain tumor, Danny had found little relief with traditional opiate prescriptions, gaining weight and falling deeper into depression. In 2009, Danny found medical cannabis and finally felt relief. “For me, growing cannabis is more therapeutic than ingesting it,” says Danny. Not only does consumption help with his health issues, but the practice of growing has been incredibly beneficial as well.

The first few rooms of the facility are set aside for soil care, brewing compost teas and mixing organic nutrients and essential oils. Their low-wattage LEC lights produce similar yields to other grows, but with less energy requirements, and their unique, eco-friendly HVAC system was built by Boulder company Surna. By recycling water condensation from dehumidifiers and using advanced cooling technology, the system is able to increase efficiency with only a fraction of the energy.

As we step into the main grow room, we are greeted by a tall, healthy canopy of cannabis bushes with a variety of strains that Danny knows by heart. He remarks on the flavor variations of each strain and phenotype as we peruse the spiky, golf ball-sized buds. Crouching Tiger Hidden Alien, a tropical-looking group of flowers, catches my eye. This sweet, chocolatey-smelling plant is a cross of Tiger’s Milk and Starfighter F2. The aromas were tantalizing, and I could not wait to see some of it cured up.

Moving upstairs to the trimming and curing area, we get a chance to explore the finished product. Cracking open a giant jar of the Crouching Tiger Hidden Alien, I see the frosty purples, tans, and light green hues that make up the impressive buds. The well-rounded scent of coffee and berries complement the cocoa aromas that were pungent even before harvest. Since discovering the many ways this plant can enhance our lives, Danny now gives back by breeding quality strains and organic small-batch cannabis, grown with impeccable care.

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