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Ambary Gardens: A Heavenly Haven for Hemp



Ambary Gardens Colorado Hemp

Ambary Gardens – Evergreen, CO

Having the chance to tour the Ambary Gardens was a truly rewarding experience. As a longtime fan of their CBD athletic salves, I was blown away to see the magnitude of their budding hemp operation. Their garden is located literally just off the side of the road along CO-74 in Evergreen, where all of their in-house products are cultivated and processed. We were greeted by their Director of Operations, Sam Abilmona, who gave us an exciting and thorough tour of the greenhouse growing facility. This was my first time in the presence of hemp plants, and at their peak they were almost indistinguishable from top-shelf cannabis plants. In fact, I wouldn’t have realized it was hemp if someone hadn’t told me otherwise!

Ambary Gardens Colorado Hemp

Ambary Gardens – Colorado Grow

Each of the four green rooms represent a different stage in the life cycle of the plant, and Sam explained their process as he led us through the facility, starting from the youngest plants to the more flowered and mature ladies. “We do our best to utilize nature and mimic the symbiotic relationship between water, soil, animals and plants.” Sam explained. “We don’t just grow hemp. We raise fish, condition soil, grow cover crop, and maintain greenhouse conditions that organically provide an optimal environment for growing high-quality, high-CBD hemp.”

Ambary Gardens prioritizes using organic growing techniques and exercising environmental sustainability. Rather than synthetic fertilizers, Ambary Gardens utilizes living, nutrient-rich soil that is only watered with their aquaponics system and the occasional compost tea. This house blend of natural essential oils and soaps, as well as some living predators, keeps pests away—without the use of chemical pesticides. The garden was meticulously clean and vibrant, and the plants had the same aroma and resin (or stickiness) of a medical cannabis grow. Not to mention, the soil that the plants are grown in is watered by their hybrid aquaponic system, fertilized by a large tub brimming with live fish! Living water leads to living soil, and living soil leads to some very happy hemp plants. Ambary Gardens is taking the right steps towards their goal of someday becoming a self-sustaining facility that gives more than it takes from the environment and surrounding community.

Ambary Gardens Colorado Hemp

Ambary Gardens – Colorado Grow

Address: 26479 CO-74, Evergreen, CO 80439 | (720) 328-1514 | | Mon-Sat: 9am-5pm | Sun: 10am-3pm | Instagram: @ambarygardens | Twitter: @ambarygardens | Facebook: @AmbaryGardens



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