Amy and Al’s Oreo Truffles


  • Test Results: 150mg THC per package | 75mg THC per truffle
  • Tested By: C4 Laboratories
  • Distillate By: White Mountain Health Center
  • Truffle By: Amy and Al’s Edibles
  • Instagram: @amy_n_als_ediblesaz

Oreo Truffles by Amy and Al’s

Opening my fridge after a long day, I pull out a box of Amy and Al’s Edibles 150mg THC Oreo Truffles and slide one of two 75mg THC morsels from their case. Smelling of rich, delicious cocoa and airy cream, I sink my teeth into the first tantalizing truffle, sending my taste buds into a frenzy of pleasure. I savor the dense, buttery fudge, filling my mouth with exquisite flavors of decadent chocolate and creamy cannabis, as endorphins are released in my brain—pure bliss.

A few minutes later, I can feel that familiar feeling slide over me as a smile spreads across my face. My muscles begin to release their stress and tension until my body is fully relaxed and my back pain becomes manageable. Confident, I decide to indulge in my second culinary confection, putting an end to my frantic thought process and crippling anxiety for the rest of the evening.

Oreo Truffles by Amy and Al's
Oreo Truffles by Amy and Al’s

Available At…

  1. White Mountain Health Center: 9420 W Bell Rd #108, Sun City, AZ 85351
  2. Ponderosa Releaf: 9240 W Northern Ave #103B, Glendale, AZ 85305
  3. Herb’n Dispensary: 2601 W Dunlap Ave #18, Phoenix, AZ 85021


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