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DOPE Highlights Outstanding Women in Cannabis: Q&A with Amy Andrle of L’Eagle Services

The future of cannabis is female! December is DOPE Magazine’s Women’s Issue, today’s story highlights Amy Andrle, Co-owner of L’Eagle Services.



Amy Andrle of L’Eagle Services

Amy Andrle of L’Eagle Services

The future of cannabis is female! December is DOPE Magazine’s Women’s Issue, and we wanted to continue to highlight women across the industry on all our platforms. We sent a questionnaire to outstanding women in cannabis—some familiar to us, some new—and will be showcasing their answers in individual blogs this month. Check out our December Mag for more profiles of the badass women you need to know!Today’s story highlights Amy Andrle, Co-owner of L’Eagle Services.

Amy Andrle of L’Eagle Services

Amy Andrle of L’Eagle Services

Q: What are the biggest challenges you’ve faced in your career?

 A: We are pioneering a brand-new industry. Regulations are developed in real time. You must be nimble with your business practices. There’s a lot to know, and it’s up to us to set the precedent together.

Q: What’s something someone would never guess about you?

A: I started seeing Jerry Garcia and The Grateful Dead when I was 16. I’ve lost count of the number of Phish concerts I have attended.

Q: What’s your go-to self-care routine?

A: Exercise! Going out for a run helps to clear my mind. Of course, carving out alone time is important, too.

Q: Favorite “guilty pleasure”?

A: Us Weekly.

Q: How do you feel about the industry-wide assertion that cannabis is a female-friendly space?

A: I’m surrounded by more smart, capable female leaders in the cannabis industry than in any other professional/executive field where I’ve worked. They drive me to excel. I’m proud to count myself among their ranks and know that together we are challenging the status quo of female representation.

Q: As a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?

A: A Marine Biologist.

Q: What advice do you have for other women looking to get into the cannabis space?

A: There’s a lot of opportunity. Educate yourself on the market and listen to what’s going on. Do your own investigations, and don’t be afraid to start at the bottom.

Q: Best piece of advice you’ve ever received? 

A: There are a number of business owners, colleagues, managers and professors that have shared nuggets of wisdom with me. Clichés or not, once you see how they apply to actual situations, they take on new meaning. “You’ll never bat 1000.” “Never respond with why you can’t complete a task, but rather with what you need in order to do so (i.e. time, resources, budget).” “Be solution-based.” These sayings have stuck with me throughout the years, and it is these same little life lessons I look to share with our employees at L’Eagle today. The mentoring I’ve received has truly been a cumulative effort.

Q: What’s your favorite cannabis product? (And you can’t list one of your own, if you’re a grower/producer!)

A: Right now, I’m really into CBD products.

Q: What’s the one thing you would bring if you were stranded on a desert island?

A: Drinking water.

Q: What do you hope for the future of the cannabis industry?

A: I’d like to see diversification rather than commoditization, similar to the food or spirits industry.

Q: Fill in the blank: I could never live without ________

A: Bread.

Q: What do you think needs to happen before we achieve federal legalization of cannabis?

A: There are so many things. We need more people to be open and honest about their experience with cannabis. We need more validated research and studies to substantiate anecdotal claims.

Q: What’s your smoking/cannabis consumption ritual, if you do partake in cannabis?

A: I prefer flower. The strain depends on the buzz I’m looking for. Recently I’ve started to enjoy a variety of CBD products, and particularly butter-infused edibles.

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