Dope Life | 1964 Supply Co.: An Interview with Artist Katie So

Katie So

Katie So is an illustrator and cartoonist based in Vancouver, BC and her work has been featured in numerous publications around the globe. She is also a tattoo artist and helped open Black Medicine Tattoo. She has created a number of comics as they enable her to combine her love of illustration and creative writing. She has the ability to portray scenes with universal themes in contrast to their deeply personal nature.

Katie So Interview Artist 1964 Supply Co
Katie So
Q | 1964 Supply Co : Have you always had an affinity for art?

Katie So: I grew up in a creative home; my parents are both creative people. While we did not have an abundance of toys, art supplies were plentiful so I began playing with them at an early age.

Q | How would you describe your artistic style?

A: My style is illustrative, introspective with a touch of dark humor.

Q | What is an artist’s role in society?

A: Artists are good at expressing society’s concerns and opinions in a way that people can identify with. Sometimes a visual representation of an idea is easier to portray a message. Also, art is subjective and as such open to interpretation.

Q | What appealed to you about participating in the 1964 Artist Series project?

A: Having an opportunity to try something and interpret how it feels was a unique idea. It was cool to try to embody an experience of “relaxation and dull vibes.” “The 1964 Supply Co. brand is also different because it breaks stereotypical views of cannabis consumers. One may not expect them to be cool, classy and refined.

It was great to see artists come together to create a collection that more accurately represents present day weed culture – a shift away from the traditional Bob Marley and album cover marketing.

Q | How has the response been to the Bubba Kush illustration for 1964 Artist Series?

People have loved the illustration – the snow monkeys depict the “feeling of being relaxed and cozy and chilling with your friends” all at once.