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Astral OG: An Aromatic, Cosmic Head Trip



Astral OG by Ten Four Farms

Astral OG by Ten Four Farms

Ten Four Farms’ Astral OG, named after the local Portland rapper of the same name, is a cross of GSC and 707 Headband, resulting in a cosmic head trip of epic proportions. Its formidably-sized nugs are densely packed, and their deep purple color is highlighted by orange hairs and a massive amount of trichomes — a small swirl of green serves as a reminder that the 707 is still in there.

The first scent of soft cookie dough is offset by a rich fruity flavor that ends with a hint of pine. It’s not overpowering, and I find the overall combination of scents very appealing; its flavor is gassy, with a doughy aftertaste that mellows the initial flavor explosion. For me, the onset of Astral OG’s head faze was immediate, which left me floating on a cloud, mind cruising along as time seemed to slip by — the relaxing body effects came later, and sank deep into my muscles.

Astral OG by Ten Four Farms

Available At…

  1. Flowr of Lyfe: 114 WBroadway, Eugene, OR 97401
  2. Gorge Greenery: 13 Oak St, Hood River, OR 97031
  3. Pure Green: 3738 NE Sandy Blvd., Portland, OR 97232


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