Prūf Cultivar’s Astral Works: Oh sweet thing, sweet thing…


  • Test Results: 5% THC | 8.2% CBD
  • Tested By: Cascadia Labs
  • Facebook: @Prufcultivar
  • Instagram: @prufcultivar
  • Website:

Astral Works by Prūf Cultivar

From the farms of Prūf Cultivar comes Astral Works, the epitome of innovation in cannabis pharmacology. Drawing on the rich legacy and hybridization efforts of the late Lawrence Ringo of SoHum Seeds, Astral Works is a next-generation ‘Type 2’ (mixed ratio of CBD:THC) plant. It features a rare terpinolene-dominant nose, which adds a smoky flavor to subtle notes of dank mango. Deep purple anthocyanin (a natural compound that gives the sample its purple color, and acts as a natural anti-inflammatory, antiviral and cancer fighter) blooms from within the matrix.

Astral Works by Prūf Cultivar
Astral Works by Prūf Cultivar

The effects are mellow, but according to Prūf Cultivar, this strain is high in CBDV, with small THCV and CBG peaks in a fully mature plant, creating an uplifting, relaxing smoking experience. I’d love to offer this to someone suffering from anxiety, PTSD, or who just wants ease their tension without getting blasted. Michael Lobdell, Prūf’s propagation manager, personally believes it’s vital to keep your consumption dynamic and avoid reliance on the most common chemotypes available. I hope everyone is able to try this exclusive cultivar from Prūf!

Available At…

  1. Serra – Downtown: 220 SW 1st Ave., Portland, OR 97204
  2. Serra – Eugene: 1201 W 11th Ave., Eugene, OR 97402
  3. Electric Lettuce – Southwest: 1450 SW Marlow Ave., Portland, OR 97225


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