Alex Juliano

Born and raised in Seattle, WA, Alex Juliano is a writer, instructional designer, educational consultant, teacher, web developer, and professional breakdancer. Aside from his endeavors in writing, Alex has innovated training solutions for a variety of industries, including performing arts, telecommunications, technology, public education, retail, aerospace manufacturing, and CAD/CAM software. 

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Smokin J’s: Committed to Culture

With all the excitement surrounding the legalization of cannabis, it isn’t often that we stop and examine the post-legalization effects…

From SEA to ATL and Back

From SEA to ATL and Back B-boy Fidget Comes Home After a decade-long hiatus from the rainy city, I sat…

Deep Cell Industries: Taking Edibles to a New Level

Deep Cell Industries is not a traditional cannabis company, but rather an industry leader in technological innovation. While they innovate…
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Raising the (Chocolate) Bar: Peppermint White Chocolate by Phoenix Cannabis Company

Peppermint White Chocolate by Phoenix Cannabis Company Test results: 50mg THC per package | 10mg THC per serving If you…
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OG Chem: Pre-Workout for the Creative Mind

OG CHEM by PHAT PANDA THCA 81.44% | THC 0.92% | Tested by: Confidence Analytics, LLC If you’re into the almighty…

Review: VELA

VELA The Place: Cannabis Retail Made Elegant For veterans and newbies alike, Vela’s standard for top-notch quality will be evident…
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Review: Rogue Raven Farms

  Rogue Raven Farms THE PLACE Rogue Raven Farms, a sizable Tier III grow owned by Marc Van Driessche and…
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Review: Seagoat Cannabis Company

  Seagoat Cannabis Company THC: 75% | CBD: 25% Tested by: Steep Hill Labs  | Produced by: Seagoat Cannabis (Instagram, Facebook,…

Review: 221 Inc

221 Inc If you aren’t familiar with the city of Mount Vernon, here’s a fun fact: In the 1800s one…
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Review: Soulshine Cannabis

Soulshine Cannabis Not long ago, the place Soulshine Cannabis calls home hosted skaters mastering their tricks on half-pipes. But today,…