Ari Rosenschein

Ari Rosenschein is a Seattle-based writer whose essays and fiction appear in Entropy, Noisey, Drunk Monkeys, P.S. I Love You, Observer, The Big Takeover, The Bookends Review and elsewhere. He holds an MFA in creative writing from Antioch Los Angeles. Coasting, his debut collection of short stories, is available from Pen Name Publishing. Ari lives with his wife and dog and enjoys the woods, the rain and the coffee of his chosen region.

Author's Articles


Stoner Rock’s Rembrandt

Woodland dryads and mysterious hooded figures appear on hillsides and in mossy ravines. Snow-encrusted oxen and colorful dragons stand sentry…

Matt Pike’s DOPEst Year Ever

It’s a dramatic moment to be Matt Pike, guitarist for stoner rock titans Sleep and frontman for the heavy metal…

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