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Humpday High: Unlocking Our Creativity with Cannabis at Dank Canvas

Cannabis Induced Creativity I love to paint. I’m not terribly skilled at it, but it brings me joy. Never in…

How To Support Loved Ones in the Wake of Assault Revelations: Self-Care Tips and Advice for Allies

Supporting Loved Ones in the Wake of Assault Revelations Content warning: Discussions of trauma, sexual violence and natural disasters. If…

Trauma Psychologist Dr. Liz on Treating PTSD with Cannabis

Treating PTSD With Cannabis According to the National Center for PTSD, “approximately 7 or 8 out of every 100 people…
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A New Model for the CannaConvention: Constellations: Past, Present, Future Focuses on Collaboration, Not Competition

Women, spirituality, empowerment and cannabis. A fabulous combination if you ask anyone who attended Constellations: Past, Present, Future, on Saturday,…

Come One, Come All!: The CannaSexual Doles Out Sex Advice at the Emerald Exchange

Passionate, knowledgeable growers. Wellness, entertainment, luxury and relaxation. Education and opportunities for connection...
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A Night Of Exploration And Empowerment: Green Lodge Goddess Gathering Debuts in LA

On Sunday night I was honored to take part in a powerful event created by the Stoned Housewife, Maggie Murphy...
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Hump Day High: What Are the Hottest New Sex Toys of the Summer?

As I mentioned in my blog post back in January, going to the Adult Novelty Manufacturing Expo (ANME—not to be…

Hump Day High: Building Intimacy Through Communication

Humans do this ALL. THE. TIME. In just the past week, how many instances can you recall where someone has…
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Getting Fired Up On The Forth Of July: Hump Day High

Sunshine. Warm weather. A pool with inflatable furniture. Great cannabis. Patriotic fruit trays. Must be the 4th of July in…