Patricia A. Patton, aka CannaBoomer, is a health and wellness advocate interpreting cultural change and the legalization of the recreational and medical cannabis industry on the Boomer generation. Hollah at her on the Blog, Twitter, Linkedin or on Facebook.

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An Interview with DACO’s Founders: Can a Grassroots Conference Diversify the Cannabis Playing Field?

Last October, two Philadelphia natives launched a grassroots cannabis conference called the Diasporic Alliance for Cannabis Opportunities (DACO) at Temple University…
Health & Wellness

Thinking About Buying CBD Online?

We buy pain relievers labeled aspirin and assume aspirin is in the bottle without considering whether one brand of aspirin…
Health & Wellness

Cannabis Is Personal: On the Road To Individualized Medicine

Why do two people who consume the same type and amount of cannabis have completely different experiences? Is it because…

Neutraceuticals Ask Do Plants Have the Capacity to Learn?

How healthy you are and how good you feel is directly linked to what you eat. We accept this truth…