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Law & Politics

Key to success? Hiring a Full-Time Compliance Officer

Almost every week, there is a new report of someone breaking with a state cannabis commission regulation and getting nailed.…
Law & Politics

Banned for life from entering the US because of cannabis?

The immigration laws in the U.S. prohibit a lot of people from entering. Terrorists, child traffickers, practicing polygamists, anyone engaged…
Future of Cannabis

The Future of Cannabis Delivery Systems

Delivery systems for cannabis are trending away from smokable flower products to edibles, concentrates, topicals, beverages, sprays, tinctures and other…
Law & Politics

Messing With Montana’s Methods: Setbacks for Medical Cannabis in Big Sky Country

Montana is a sweeping vista kind of state, with a diverse group of both liberals and conservatives, including some Hollywood-types,…
Health & Wellness

Fake Weed, Real Consequences

Synthetic Cannabis is Dangerous, and Furthers the “Reefer Madness” Stigma Our Industry Wants—and Needs—to Avoid...
Health & Wellness

Cannabis Moves To The Head Of The Class

Academia Studying New Ways to Get Into Cannabis Research...
Health & Wellness

Out Of Nose Out Of Mind: Odor Mitigation Raises Issues Across the Industry

Ahh…the lovely smell of budding terpenes in the morning. Smells like victory. To many in the cannabis industry, it’s the…
Law & Politics

National Policy Group To Provide Firepower For Sessions

Will The NDAA Continue To Misrepresent Cannabis?
Law & Politics

Ethan Nadelmann’s Fight Against The War On Drugs: New administration, New Challenges

Anyone who has heard Ethan Nadelmann speak will remember how passionate he is about the topic of drug reform. His…