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Dominick Evans

Dominick Evans is a nb trans quip (queer crip) filmmaker, writer, gamer, activist, dad, and nerd. He has a BFA in Film, and also studied political science. Dominick’s work focuses on inclusion of Disability in all forms of media. In 2014, he founded #FilmDis, a Twitter chat about Disability in media. At the White House, he mentored aspiring disabled media professionals. Dominick’s activism work has expanded into sex education for Disabled and LGBTQIA youth, marriage equality for Disabled people, institutional bias, and LGBTQIA/Disabled reproductive rights. Dominick is a prolific public speaker who has spoken at or on panels around the world including at New York Comic Con and in Australia. He helps businesses with social media and to become more inclusive of all disabled people. Dominick is also a part of the ADAPT media team, and serves on the board of the grassroots Disability rights organization, Not Dead Yet.