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Garden Reviews

Growing Like a Weed

GLW Growing Like a Weed – Spokane, WA Fred Renteria, head gardener for Spokane-area cannabis farm Growing Like a Weed,…

The Shatterizer: Dabbing On the Go!

Combining the functionality and flavor preservation of the early dome-topped vaporizers with the enhanced capabilities of their 3-stage, variable voltage…

Lucid Cheney: In Loving Memory of Budtender Cam Smith

But above all, Lucid Cheney is about community and focusing on what really matters: people. Last September, they lost their…
Concentrate Reviews

Mendo Mountain Purps Concentrate

Mendo Mountain Purps Concentrate from Green Barn Farms Stoned Like A Mountain Test Result: 71.4% THC | Tested by: Peak Analytics…

Megabomb Topical: Bath Time = High Time

Megabomb Topical There really use to be only two methods of enjoying your cannabis: smoking and eating. But in today’s…