Amy Lyons

Amy Lyons was born in the massive and mostly wild state of Idaho. After a short stint in the DC area, she returned to Idaho to graduate from Boise State University with a Creative Writing degree. Amy has worked in sustainability, believes in equitable clean energy, and is an environmental advocate seeking to protect, observe, and enjoy as much of the planet and her wonders as she can. She once managed a large scale worm composting operation for a time, and is also known as a Worm Wrangler Extraordinaire. If she isn't at her writing desk, growing things in her garden, stuffing her face with delicious food, or playing with her dogs, Amy is lost in the wilderness seeking adventure. She is currently snowed in for the winter and care taking a backcountry lodge in the heart of the Boise National Forest. You can follow her current adventure at

Author's Articles


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