Jeffrey Rindskopf

Jeffrey Rindskopf is a freelance writer and editor based in Seattle, born and raised in southern California. He attended film school at Chapman University before beginning his career as a freelancer in 2014, writing fiction and articles covering travel, food, and culture. When he isn't writing, Jeffrey likes to travel or simply melt into the couch while consuming some of his favorite media.

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Cannabis’s Suppressed Role in WWII

Commercial hemp was all but outlawed in the united states in 1937 and remained that way until just last year…
Law & Politics

CBD in the Big Easy: Cannabis in New Orleans

Legislators in Louisiana and New Orleans, in particular, had already taken baby steps towards normalizing cannabis in 2016 when the…
Health & Wellness

Meat Without the Animal

In 2013, the first beef burger cultured from in vitro stem cells not part of a larger organism was eaten…
DOPE Reviews

DOPE Review | “Long Shot”

That’s the “opposites attract”-style premise of “Long Shot,” one of the best romantic comedies in years, and as with any…
Future of Cannabis

Hemp Plastics

Jade Stefano has been trying to eliminate plastic use in her personal life, but the task of merely not adding…

Cannabis Co-operatives

Hezekiah Allen believes in small family farms, though he’s biased — he grew up on one. Born in an off-the-grid…

12 Innovative Cannabis Products: A Whole New World of Weed

With the legalization and steady normalization of cannabis after decades of prohibition, the number of new products and ways to…
Health & Wellness

Does Cannabis Alleviate Stress?

But while many have long intuited the close relationship between stress and cannabis, our scientific understanding of this connection, and…
Edible Reviews

Journeyman Berry CBD Jellies

Berry CBD Jellies by Journeyman Journeyman makes these sugar-coated jellies without gelatin, so they are not only vegetarian (look it…
DOPE Reviews

DOPE Review | “Shazam!”

What if a teenager acquired superpowers in a world as hero-obsessed as our own? It’s a scenario that’s surprisingly remained…