Jeffrey Rindskopf

Jeffrey Rindskopf is a freelance writer and editor based in Seattle, born and raised in southern California. He attended film school at Chapman University before beginning his career as a freelancer in 2014, writing fiction and articles covering travel, food, and culture. When he isn't writing, Jeffrey likes to travel or simply melt into the couch while consuming some of his favorite media.

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The Scientific Year in Review

Our talented team of freelancers penned pieces on a few dope scientific breakthroughs you might have missed in 2018, including…

21st Century Witches: Ylva Mara on Bringing Witchcraft into the Future

AUTHOR’S NOTE: This Q&A is published as an addendum to the 21stCentury Witches article published in DOPE’s 2018 December Women’s…

Lemon Cheesecake: A Dessert Weed Worthy of Willie Nelson

Lemon Cheesecake by Willie’s Reserve X Playa Grande Maybe it’s just the power of suggestion, but this Willie’s Reserve Lemon…

Stand Up Science: Comics and Academics Share the Stage on Shane Mauss’ New Tour

Shane Mauss is no stranger to high-concept comedy. The Wisconsin-born standup comedian has been building tours around specific themes since…
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DOPE Review | Mortal Engines

Mortal Engines (2018) “Mortal Engines”starts with narration during the opening Universal logo. A gravelly, fantasy monster-type voice (you know the…
Law & Politics

DOPE Interviews | BudTrader’s Brad McLaughlin: Advocating for Cannabis in Trump’s D.C.

In late September, two California cannabis entrepreneurs received the impromptu invitation from 48th District Republican Congressman Dana Rohrabacher to catch a…
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DOPE Review | “The Oath” 2018

The Oath (2018) At one point in “The Oath” — the new Thanksgiving-set dark family drama written, directed by, and…
DOPE Reviews

DOPE Review | “Halloween” 2018

Halloween (2018) “Do you know how I’ve prayed everyday that he would escape,” says Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) of…
Health & Wellness

So You Think You’re a Good Listener?: What Active Listening Really Entails

“You know what I mean?” A friend finishes speaking and looks to you for feedback. Only problem is, you weren’t…
DOPE Reviews

DOPE Reviews | First Man

First Man (2018) “First Man” opens on a darkened silhouette in a spacecraft shaking violently upon reentry into the Earth’s…