Katie Conley

Katie Conley is an editor at DOPE Magazine. She enjoys watching schlocky movies, listening to comedy and true crime podcasts, singing karaoke and napping in inopportune places.

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A Very Metaphysical New Year

The new year brings with it hopes for the future: wishes of luck, prosperity and health abound; folks have their…

7 DOPE Memes to Inspire New Year’s Resolutions

We've said it before: 2017 was a rough year-not that you needed reminding. But now that it's 2018, can we…

DOPE Review | “Aquaman”

Aquaman (2018) Look, I know I’ve said some negative things about superhero movies in the past. They’re not really my…

DOPE’s Holiday Shopping Guide: Seven Very Normal Gift Ideas for the Person Who Has Everything

Holidays, right. Right. Boy, are they stress-ful! Forget trying to come up with unique gift ideas for the person in…

Gina Karaba: Seattle Glass Icon Forges Her Own Path

Gina Karaba walks our team through the process of making a glass marble in her Seattle studio, with a mastery…
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DOPE Review | “The Predator”

“The Predator” has been in the news this week, and not just because it’s opening this Friday. Like many other…

Six Weird Hoaxes That Will Make You Appreciate Just How Easy It Is To Prank the World

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Six Weird Stories That Will Make You Question Creature Sightings

You devoured our previous roundups of mind-expanding stories, so we’ve curated six more of the weirdest, WTF-inducing items sure to…
DOPE Reviews

DOPE Review | “Never Goin’ Back”

Never Goin’ Back (2018) From A24, a studio that’s never disappointed me before — I’m still thinking about this year’s…

The Art of Astral Projection

A friend of mine once told me her Grandmother never asked her how her dreams were the night before; instead,…