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DOPE’s Toke on the International Church of Cannabis

Using marijuana as a spiritual means to be the best version of yourself used to be about as counterculture as…

Kelly Guava Jelly’s Jam: Finding Self-Care and Creativity in Seattle

Self-care should involve creative sisters, sativas and a soothing of the soul. I met up with a dear friend, Karleen,…

A Weekend without Weed

Fine, I will respect your wishes and not get your sober self into trouble with TSA for carrying hash oil,…

Spliff Tales from the Jelly Jar: Smoking with a Tow Truck Driver

On a winter evening before the holidays, my girl Sarah Rose and I were determined to achieve our dancing goals.…
Law & Politics

Falsely Accused in Costa Rica: The Redemption of Musician Bobby Hustle

Touring Costa Rica, international reggae artist Bobby Hustle's whole world was turned upside down in an instant when he was…

Kelly Guava Jelly’s Jam: Collie Buddz Blazes Through Seattle

Have you ever been standing at the backstage entrance of a reggae show when, suddenly, the door swings open and…
Health & Wellness

Kelly Guava Jelly’s Nug Jar: Hazy Times in Happy Valley

Kelly Guava Jelly reveals her sweet and sticky take on the world. Take a bite out of her passion fruit…

Kelly Guava Jelly: Modern Day Hippie Musings

Writer Profile High. My name is Kelly Guava Jelly (like Bob Marley said: “Rub it pon yuh belly”) and I…

Drone Delivery: Will It Get Off The Ground?

Cannabis Drone Delivery is a Great Idea, But Will It Get Shot Down?