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High End Market Place

High End Market Place H.E.M.P THE PLACE Located in the heart of Vancouver Washington, High End Market Place opened their…

Pistil Point Zkittles: Fruits from the Farm

Zkittles Test Results: 25.8%THC Tested by: MRX Labs Indica/Sativa: Indica-Dominant Hybrid At first look, Zittles from Pistol Point reveals its…

Eco Firma Farms One Draw Pachecos

Eco Firma Farms has set the bar high by giving you a pre-roll made from straight flower and kief. The…
Garden Reviews

Ripped City Gardens: Another Day on the Farm

THE PEOPLE CEO Stacey Kelley started Ripped City Gardens with quality, high-potency cannabis in mind. When Stacey sustained a shoulder…
Edible Reviews

Review: Chalice’s Farms Trio

  Chalice’s Farms Trio Chalice Farm’s Executive Chef, Danielle Henyon, brings you three different versions of confections. Truffles, chocolate bars…

Cannabis Corner: A Tale Of A Government Owned Dispensary

Cannabis Corner This story starts out just 45 minutes outside of Portland, Oregon, alongside the breathtakingly scenic Columbia River. Head…

Zee Fusion Travel Dab Station: A Personalized Treasure Chest

  Zee Fusion Travel Dab Station Based out of Ashland, Oregon, Zee Fusion brings you the Travel Dab Station. These…

Review: Cannabliss & Co.

Cannabliss & Co. The History Reopening a historical fire station that was built in 1913 in Southeast Portland, Oregon, Cannabliss…

Will Waldrop And Evio Labs