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1964 Supply Company’s Bubba Kush: Artist Collab Puts New Spin on Old Classic

The strain artisans at Polaris Wellness crafted Killa Gorilla on a whim, wanting to give a familiar strain a little…

XJ-13 Shatter: Quality Concentrates and James Haunt Get Artsy

Quality Concentrates has teamed up with L.A. pop artist James Haunt for an exclusive line of XJ-13 shatter, featuring the…

The OG Story: The Bedtime Tale We All Need

Southern California’s powerhouse growers of Cali Kush Farms are undoubtedly tastemakers in the hotbed of OG’s dream climate.

The Kind Center in Hollywood: The Last of their Kind

The Kind Center in Hollywood has built ist foundation around the idea of family.

A Batch Made In Heaven: The Marriage of Wine and Cannabis

As the cannabis industry continues to accelerate and grow, another world has continually appeared in the stream of consumption-related discourse.
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Bud And Bloom: Redefining Retail Cannabis

Located in Orange County’s capital city of cannabis, Bud and Bloom has brought a new level of sophistication to Santa…

Sigur Ros X Lord Jones

The Unparalleled Synchronicities of Music and Cannabis...

Urbols Skywalker: May the Force Be With You

THC 20.28% | CBD 0.06% | SC Labs Los Angeles-based indoor flower group Urbols has cultivated a hometown classic: Skywalker.…

Cannabal City: The Art of Cultivation

The Place  The Downtown Arts District is the home of an abundant stream of creative energy, from a culinary scene…

3C Chardonnay: Napa’s New Competition

The art of cultivating different grape varietals in the wine world is closely relatable to the craft-cannabis world that 3C…