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The Reef: Your Bremerton Cannabis Oasis

The Reef – Bremerton, WA Opened in 2015 with a higher purpose of “enhancing the lives of our customers and…

Polynesian Thin Mint: Relaxing, Balanced Hybrid

Polynesian Thin Mint by Pono Farms With a seriously sweet, earthy scent and a chocolatey, spicy mint taste, Pono Farms’…
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Rogue Raven Farms: People Over Profit

Rogue Raven Farms – Shelton, Washington Rogue Raven Farms is a Tier III producer/processor based in Shelton, Washington. Boasting a…

Fweedom Cannabis: Free the Weed!

Fweedom Cannabis – Seattle, WA Back in 2013, I was shooting too many images and producing way too much content…
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D.R.U.G.S.: Dank Rolled Under Government Supervision

D.R.U.G.S. by American Hash Makers Ever since I picked up this sample of D.R.U.G.S. — Dank Rolled Under Government Supervision,…
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Hot Sugar!: A Spoonful of Sugar Is the Medicine

Infused Sugar by Hot Sugar! This infused sugar from Hot Sugar! and parent company Phat Panda is a delectable delight.…

Carl Sagan: A Trip Around the Cosmos

Carl Sagan by Mad Mark Farms It’s easy to see why this strain from Mad Mark Farms is called Carl…
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Mother Earth Farms: Terps from the Earth

Mother Earth Farms – Port Angeles, WA When I asked Drew Dean about his first time growing cannabis, his story…