Miles Sinclair

Everyone’s got a story. Mine is that all my life, I’ve managed to attract and surround myself with the most fascinating, unreal individuals, who challenge my sense of what’s possible and what life is all about. Cannabis does that too. This industry is made up of brave, fiery souls who dare to venture beyond the norm. Our subculture spans all demographics and defies generalization. And I get to write about it! Being able to tell the stories of the people I meet, and how we’re all connected through this amazing plant is a dream come true.    

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Khush Kush

Khush Kush Farms – Bellingham, WA Khush Kush is a small family farm out of Bellingham, Washington, focused on genetics,…

Spokane Green Leaf: Champions of Small Town Cannabis

When Spokane Green Leaf opened its doors in Spokane in 2013, they became Spokane's first licensed recreational store. Hundreds of…

Echoing Streets: The Buskers of Pike Place Market

Nothing makes a city feel more alive than the music of buskers bouncing off walls, echoing down alleyways. Last December…
Garden Reviews

MR Wholesale Gets a Reboot: Meet MR 2.0

MR Wholesale has recently gone through a major overhaul. Their new lab director "turned the place upside down," as Owner…

Buddy’s in Renton: For The Musician In All of Us

Buddy's Pot Shop in Renton is a living, breathing, cannabis-infused tribute to music and its relationship to our favorite mind-altering…
Garden Reviews

Smokey Point Productions: Moving Ever Forward

Smokey Point Productions (SPP) is a massive indoor tier III producer/processor in rural Arlington, Washington, with staggering production numbers, a…
Health & Wellness

Educate, Celebrate, Elevate: The Evergreen Market’s Resonant Shopping Experience

Walk into any one of The Evergreen Market's three locations and the flow is essentially the same. First, a greeter…

Touching Bases with Cannabis-Infused Lubes: Which One Is Right For You?

Cannabis-Infused Lubes With all the mind-blowing, cannabis-infused lubes coming to the market, we wanted to take a look at the…
Concentrate Reviews

Relief Beyond Recreation: Lazarus Naturals Sparks Attention With CBD Dabs

CBD Dabs by Lazarus Naturals While perusing booths at this summer’s Terpestival 2017 in Seattle, I discovered a company that…
Garden Reviews

Legendary Laboratories: The Pride of Determination, Friendship and Quality Product

Legendary Laboratories – Spokane, WA In just over a year, Legendary Laboratories in Spokane, Washington, has gone from a dream…