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From SEA to ATL and Back



From SEA to ATL and Back 3

From SEA to ATL and Back

B-boy Fidget Comes Home

After a decade-long hiatus from the rainy city, I sat down and caught up with a unique, home-grown talent. Marcus Sharpe – also known as B-boy Fidget – is a true NW artist with roots in breaking and funk style, hailing from the veteran Seattle b-boy crew, Fraggle Rock. After interviewing the man himself, one thing is clear: he has had a lot more than dancing on his plate since moving to the south.

Fidget began his rap career in Atlanta around 12 years ago, and hasn’t called Seattle home again until now. With his partner, Seattle-based Tim “Chips” Uomoto, Fidget co-founded F-Rock, a multi-faceted hip-hop collective. This collective is not to be confused with their crew, Fraggle Rock, despite the similarity. Fidget elaborated on the reason for a separation as the crew’s business aspirations became an object, “ We needed F-Rock to be separate from the crew, mostly because of Jim Henson… but we wanted to stay true to our original name.”

Besides the occasional grooving and his own personal projects, Fidget has been leaving his mark all over the hip-hop scene in Atlanta under the name F-Rock Entertainment. Besides the production work he does in the rap community, he is also working on tracks for commercials, and has even delved into the EDM scene. “It’s a different language,” he shared regarding his work in other scenes, “but I try to see the good in all hip-hop, and in all art.”

“I feel like Georgia is the last place that slaves aren’t free. The racism is still there, it’s common for homies to get locked up for weed-related crimes.”

–B-boy Fidget

He recently completed his latest album, No Compromise, under F-Rock Entertainment. No Compromise reflects his taste for true school hip-hop and a conscious approach, something that stands out in the south. “In ATL, people said I spoke proper and asked me, “Where you from?” kind of funny. I felt the need to let them know: Seattle is dope,” he remarked.

b-boy fidget

Fidget began his rap career in Atlanta around 12 years ago

That Seattle flavor hits hard in his latest album. This latest work of B-boy Fidget features conscious, hard-hitting lyrics over tracks that range from Seattle, a straight turn-up track, to Clap Kidz (Legal), which discusses cannabis legalization. Fidget pointed out that there is a clear difference between how cannabis is viewed in Seattle versus Atlanta. “I feel like Georgia is the last place slaves aren’t free. The racism is still there, it’s common for homies to get locked up for weed-related crimes… and the cops are no help either.” He shared while shaking his head. In Georgia, holding anything more than an ounce of marijuana is a felony. It wasn’t long ago when Washington State was also subject to drastic laws on cannabis possession, even though it now seems like a safe haven for smokers.

The move back wasn’t just to get away from the negativity, however. Fidget’s mission is to develop F-Rock’s clothing line. “In ATL I was building my network and connections, but now, it’s time to get back and put our heads together,” he reflected while he and his partner Tim showcased a prototype for me: a trucker hat reading Make Hip-Hop Great Again. I took to the hat, especially in light of recent politics, and Fidget replied, “That’s what we want you to think: ‘I would wanna wear a hat like that.’” But F-Rock isn’t all Fidget is working on. Quikflip is a hustle-and-street-culture inspired line also incepted by the Seattle hip-hop artist. “I want to start the new year out strong,” he told me as we wrapped up. Be on the lookout for Fidget’s music and new line – this Seattle hip-hop aficionado has a lot on the horizon.

          You can check Fidget’s music out on his Facebook page, or the F-Rock line at F-Rock’s website:


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