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Baba G’s DIY Edibles: Recapture Youth With an Adults-Only Candy

Chi-Town Mix is inspired by Chicago, although Leisure Life’s kernels quickly transported me to the chill California lifestyle pictured on their logo…



Baba G DIY Edible Kit

64 pieces | Customize THC to your preference!

Baba G

“ Baba G ” was born one music-filled evening in India. Years ago, Madison Rowley, one of the creators behind “ Baba G ,” was traveling with a newly acquired instrument on his back through the streets of India. As he walked along the river bank, he felt one tent in particular call out to him. He entered the tent and found it occupied by Sadhus playing music. Before long, the hours slipped away as The Chillum made its rounds and music filled the air, celebrating the one language they all had in common. Afterwards, one of the Holy Men took Madison’s hands into his own and thanked him. The man then pointed to himself and said, “Baba G.”

Inspired by the sense of togetherness he felt in India, Madison set out with his partner in rhyme, Josh Markus, to recreate those same feelings with others in their home town of Portland, Oregon. Josh had been experimenting with homemade gummy recipes, and Madison jumped on the opportunity to help him out. In fact, they were having so much fun making their own edibles they thought others might want to get in on the action, and the DIY Sour Gummy Kits were born!

Baba G DIY Edible KitTheir recipe kits make gummies that taste like those sour candies from your childhood. That’s what Baba G is all about; they want to fuse the best parts of being a kid with the best parts of being an adult. Each kit includes one 64-piece candy mold, candy ingredients, easy-to-follow instructions and Baba G’s Fuji Apple signature flavoring. All you do is add the marijuana concentrate and a group of friends to help create your infused concoctions. My recommendation? Go all in to level Marley’d—the highest level on their potency thermometer at 14.75mg per candy!

Produced by: Baba G | | Instagram: @oregonbaba_g

Available At: Coming soon to stores near you! Will also be available for purchase at



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