Connoisseurs Lounge at Barbary Coast: Everlasting, High Caliber Experience

Barbary Coast Collective

The Place

San Francisco’s quintessential Barbary Coast sets a red-light district scene, neighboring the Barbary Coast Trail that slithers from south of Market Street to North Beach. Within a cryptic, dark, nearly hidden exterior, lies a highly refined dispensary. Opening their doors in 2013, with the addition of their gorgeous consumption lounge early 2017, their motto has always been “safe, clean and comfortable,” which applies to everything in the shop, but particularly the quality of their medicine.

Barbary Coast Collective San Francisco

Consuming cannabis here is a jaw-dropping experience; passionate red wallpaper ignites our thoughts as we exhale admiration for the exquisite interior design. Between the Tech Boom and Green Rush, Barbary defines the rapidly growing face of SF as it experiences a new gold rush.

The Product

Walking in is a blast back to the 1920s. But don’t let the throwback theme disguise you—their health standards are nothing but futuristic! All products are tested by Pure Analytics. “We shared their vision of providing clean and safe medicine to patients who should have access to the right medicine for each specific, unique ailment,” explained Barbary Coast director Jesse Henry. Barbary is bursting with top-notch cannabis products. We vaped a delicious staff selection, Cookies and Cream, in the lounge. This hybrid strain was a dream come true, its glowing trichomes releasing smooth aromatic notes of soft vanilla cream.

For dapper dabbers, delectable concentrates include Higher Ground, Beezle, Candy Stripe and Frenchy Cannoli. The staff recommends terminally and chronically ill patients Montel Williams’ Lenitiv Labs, which has reported success addressing symptoms from Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s Disease and Cancer. And for the foodies, indulge in employee suggestions of Pot Chef and Kush Nuts!

The People

Step up for service with a smile! Personnel at the speakeasy-themed Barbary are genuinely thrilled to be at work. I walked in 8:30 am on a Saturday, and the moment I stepped into the shop service-forward budtenders whistled while they worked and shared bright smiles, excited to recommend their favorite products and share a wealth of knowledge collected from business and customer clientele alike. Barbary staff even engineered some of the products carried. “As someone who started my own business,” Henry noted, “I am more than willing to work with other people who have their own dreams of doing their own thing. One of our managers is a concentrate specialist and has his own line!”

Barbary Coast Collective San Francisco

Location: 952 Mission St, San Francisco, CA 94103 | (415)243-4400

Store Hours: Mon-Sun: 8am-10pm| Instagram: @theloungebarbarycoast


Ashleigh Castro

Ashleigh Castro is a New York seed grown in the California sunshine. A photographer by nature, she developed while capturing peace rallies in San Francisco and snapping shots of musicians. She started at DOPE taking photos for DOPE Magazine as it launched in Northern California in 2015. Aesthetically, her favorite medium to shoot in is film such as 35mm and medium format. Since she studied journalism, she put her DOPEn to the paper and started writing stories about healing family through cannabis, sustainably sourced edibles and consciously created local products. Having developed obscure food allergies caused by histamine intolerance, she applies cannabis to alleviate the symptoms of chronic pain, inflammation and the anxieties surrounding food intolerance. Now managing the NorCal office as well as the area’s content, you can find her on the scene with the DOPE squad or roller skating in the Bay Area’s scenic spots. Her greatest joy working at DOPE is being able to help found a Dream Team of talent and style.

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