Basa Collective: Heart of the City

The Place

BASA prides itself on being a workingman or workingwoman’s dispensary. Nowadays, John Lennon might say “a workingman’s dispensary is something to be.” Indeed, it is an oasis in the heart of San Francisco. BASA staff recommends Kushy Punch gummies to their patients because they are easy to divide into friendly dosages, and cost efficient. The shop is located off of hip Divisadero Street which boasts neighboring eclectic restaurants and exciting music venues. BASA is home to a unique herb product hot on the marketplace: Prophet.

The History

BASA is often referred to as the “International House of BASA” because of its diverse, predominantly-female patronage, staff and bud-tenders. BASA prides itself on being one of the oldest dispensaries in the nation. Having a community-focused, patient-first attitude has resulted in a growing loyal customer base the has lasted for years. In a world where a coffee can run you ten bucks, it’s a breath of fresh air to discover a hard-working dispensary offering a range of quality medicine at yesteryear prices. BASA advisor Ross Mirkarimi states that “BASA is a durable pioneering dispensary that hasn’t lost sight of its working class roots, and its commitment to selling great medicine at the best prices.”  BASA is parlaying its know-how and success into an expanded product line, showing us that an unassuming dispensary can take you to new heights.

The Product

Prophet products are individual strains packaged in nitrogen-filled, vacuum-sealed cans offering security to flower in a cool, dark environment—preserving them in a fresh-picked state until you pop the top. While this sounds like the optimal way to keep your flower fresh, we put this to the test for the entire line. At first look, the can looked like a hip, retro chewing tobacco can. With strain and potency listed on the outside, recognition is easy for patients and budtenders alike. Prophet comes in roughly 30 strain varietals. My personal favorite is Green Dreams. Once I popped the can open, freshness rushed into my nose and hints of Blue Dream and Jack Herer blossomed. The flowers were moist and soft as if they’d been freshly cured. I was told they would keep in a sealed container for over a year. Tariq Alazraie, Founder of the Prophet line of products, says that “Prophet is cultivated for a higher purpose.” Prophet adheres to old-school growing methods inherited from the hills of Sonoma, Humboldt and Mendocino, passed from generations of grower’s knowledge. If you’re looking for the Emerald Triangle in a can, you’ve found it.


Location: 1326 Grove St, San Francisco, CA 94117 – (415) 409-1002 –

Store hours: Mon-Fri: 8:30am-10:00pm Sat: 9am-10pm Sun: 9am -9pm

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