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Belushi Beyond Reality TV: Cannabis Farming and Activism



Photos courtesy Belushi’s Farm

Most known for his acting and music, Jim Belushi has “turned over a new leaf”—and boy is that leaf sweet.

Belushi is shifting from his acting, singing and dancing to establish a cannabis business in southern Oregon. His all-new series, “Growing Belushi,” will premiere on Discovery Channel Wednesday, August 19 at 10 p.m. ET/PT.

Belushi explained his thoughts to Discovery Channel, saying, “This is much more than a business for me. I’ve seen the positive impact that cannabis has had in treating people from around the world.” But the passion we can expect in this new series doesn’t stop there.

“Everything grows in Growing Belushi,” he said. “The cannabis, the business, the family. And especially me. We almost called it Growing Pains!”

“This is much more than a business for me. I’ve seen the positive impact that cannabis has had in treating people from around the world.”

“Growing Belushi” will also showcase the many challenges of navigating the immature industry’s regulations. While growing cannabis is a romanticized endeavor, success doesn’t come without dedication and hard work.

Belushi told Forbes, “All the regulations they give us, we attack with pride. I want to show you that this can be a legitimate business, a legitimate agricultural business. There are problems, and you have to get through them creatively.”

So why cannabis? The entire project was a total accident fueled by Belushi’s life-long respect and connection to the plant.

Belushi explained to Chicago’s WGN9, “It was a complete accident. I found this beautiful property on the river in southern Oregon as kind of a second home to get away, and the property behind me came up for sale, it was an 80-acre farm. And I was like, ‘What do I grow? Alfalfa? You know, raise cattle? And cannabis became legal that year, and it was like, this rush because it was this new agriculture, and I kinda got caught up in that rush.”

Belushi’s first seeds hit soil in 2015 as a lackluster 48-plant crop. His farm now spreads across 93 acres lining southern Oregon’s Rogue River, producing a wide assortment of high-quality strains. This, of course, includes Belushi’s favorite strain, Cherry Pie.

Besides creating his own signature brands—including The Blues Brothers, Belushi’s Secret Stash and Captain Jack’s Gulzar Afghanica—Jim is an innovator in the industry.

“Good Ugly Weed is just that: it’s really good, ugly weed,” Belushi explained to Forbes.

After noticing the surplus of high-quality cannabis flower in Oregon’s market, Belushi saw aesthetically perfect cannabis sold for a premium price. But the flower that’s not as good looking still has its place, especially if consumers can buy it for a reasonable price.

The actor-turned-grower is also working on a passion project, Last Prisoner Project. This project focuses on acquiring restorative justice to the cannabis industry by aiding in the release of nonviolent cannabis offenders.

He voiced his passion for Forbes, saying, “Over 40,000 cannabis prisoners in the United States are incarcerated for nonviolent cannabis offenses. Communities of color are subject to disproportionate marijuana enforcement practices. All of this is happening while many are profiting legally off the same plant. We’re doing our best to raise funds and awareness to release these individuals with clemency, and to help them with reentry.” 

Belushi puts his all into everything he does, so we’re expecting great results from the time he’s investing in his cannabis projects.

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