Benny’s Farm: Restructuring Sustainable Growing

Sustainably-grown cannabis is surprisingly hard to come by. Cultivation methods typically require copious amounts of water waste, resource use and enough electricity to power a major city on a weekly basis. The push for more environmentally-conscious growing methods is becoming a much-discussed topic in the cannabis community; sustainable techniques that have little to no impact on the environment are critical for longevity. Growers like Benny’s Farm in Los Angeles are creating solutions for efficient cultivation, giving the community top-grade product without draining the resources we rely on for survival.

Benny of Benny’s Farm champions growing cannabis using the NASA-developed technology of aeroponics. Aeroponics uses the air in a given environment to grow plants, without the use of soil or rockwool. Benny started growing this way about two years ago, after forming a brotherly bond with an aero-growing legend named Ché. Throughout his mentorship, Benny learned the importance of research and education in growing cannabis, and eventually went on to run his own operation. With honesty, transparency and resiliency at the core of his growing mantra, Benny’s passion came to life and is now thriving, without the typical carbon footprint of most grow operations.

Benny's Farm
Benny’s Farm

According to Benny, growing cannabis aeroponically is by no means easy, and attention to detail is critical for a successful crop. The water that is used in the process is never dumped; rather, when it’s ready to flush, the nutrient-dense waste is used to feed Benny’s on-site plants. A successful run using aeroponics cuts down on veg times, creating the opportunity to produce flower more regularly. The system’s lightweight portability makes it ideal for urban growing, a concept that will continue to spread within densely populated areas such as L.A.

Benny’s philosophy is simple: it all starts with the plant, and we must have a deep understanding of the science behind what makes it so unique. From there, it is the duty of growers like Benny to produce a high-quality product that is ethically grown and efficiently created for patients. “There’s a lot of mystery in the industry,” states Benny, “and there needs to be a light shed on it. We are in a constant pursuit of truth, and my flower offers that truth.” | Instagram: @bennysfarm


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