Berry White: Can’t Get Enough of This Exhale Infused Extract


  • Test Results: 85.5% THC | 2.7% CBD
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Berry White by Exhale

I spent the day driving to Eastern Oregon as part of a caravan, and when we all arrived, we collectively decided it was the perfect time to sit back, enjoy the Terrebonne summer sunset and enjoy my new cartridge from Exhale. The Berry White flavored strain, high in THC with a CBD kicker, was passed about a burning fire that we built with scavenged juniper wood. Stimulating conversation and euphoric vibes followed —we even put some Barry White tunes on the stereo for good measure and enjoyed the berryliciousness of this Blueberry and White Widow hybrid. Vaping amongst the desert sagebrush was the perfect way to end the day.

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