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Your Best Present…Ever: Apollo Fire Rocks Spark Up the Holiday Season



Your Best Present...Ever: Apollo Fire Rocks Spark Up the Holiday Season


Apollo Fire Rocks

Test results: THC: 53% | CBD: 0.27%
Tested by: Cannalysis Labs


If you did not receive the gifts you wanted this holiday season, treat yourself to a delectable specialty that will leave you in a concentrate coma. Apollo blessed us with this gift, their new Apollo Fire Rocks. It all starts with top-grade material. The concentrate is produced with no leftover residual solvents, so it is a smooth product delivering a delicious body high. There is a hint of CBD, topping out at 1 percent, but Fire Rocks boast a THC percentage in the mid-50s, leaving one feeling, well, really high. Which is pretty much where we want to be.

Yep, it’s made for those of us with a higher tolerance. I love it because Apollo is consistent and reliable for those figures. And the tip of the Fire Rocks iceberg is that I could pack it into my pipe and light away. Make any of your apparatuses a metaphorical dab rig; this product lasted a long time and provided me a new holiday tradition.


  • Prepare for the journey and eat up that holiday feast first
  • Take care of those loose ends and finish up all family holiday cheer prior to departure
  • Get ready to put your feet up for a while


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