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The Best Standalone Harry Potter Chapters

For readers wishing to peer into the wizarding world, look no further than DOPE’s list of best Harry Potter standalone chapters. Adults revisiting Harry Potter may enjoy these tales with a pleasurable cannabis pairing.



Harry Potter Cannabis Pairing

Muggles, witches, and wizards around the world love the story of Harry Potter. The timeless tales of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry have enchanted generations of readers. After the final chapter of the final book closes, so often, a page turns in life. J.K. Rowling’s works grow up with the reader, who can do nothing more than nestle the memory in their tender heart and never forget that magic is real.

Standalone chapters allow time-strapped adults to, for a moment, escape and re-experience magic. For readers wishing to peer into the wizarding world, look no further than DOPEs list of best Harry Potter standalone chapters. Adults revisiting Harry Potter may enjoy these tales with a pleasurable cannabis pairing. DOPE paired the following selected readings with popular strains that accentuate tone, pacing and emotional content. 

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (Book Three)

Chapter 21: Hermiones Secret 

Book Audio

Hermione’s Secret finds Harry and Hermione scrambling to intervene in an unjust killing through time travel.   It’s distinctly third-year, with Harry Potter pulling off minor miracles against the wishes of (clueless) wiser wizards. Genuine comedy balances out a short chapter that builds in tension until it finally pops in a moment of heroism.

Harry precisely describes the strain suited to this emotional and sweeping chapter. Upon the opening of the chapter, Harry awakes in a hospital, feeling like lead, too heavy to lift, and comfortable enough to lay in bed forever… 10 points to Gryffindor, eh? Bodily relaxation should be at the top of your list for reading Hermione’s Secret. Almost any CBD-heavy strain or low-THC hybrid will suit.

Recommended: Cannatonic, Stephen Hawking Kush, Zen/Afghani

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (Book Four)

Chapter 26: The Second Task

BookAudio_1 Audio_2

The Second Taskis a great place to begin your elevated Harry Potter experience. The aquatic setting drips with color and character.  Rowling conveys a constant sense of crushing pressure: literally, deep underwater, and figuratively, as Harry races to perform timed tasks.

Readers should dip into the deepest indicas for this dive. I recommend flipping open our selected audiobook excerpt, closing your eyes, and allowing for vivid psychoactive theatrics to play across the insides of your eyelids. Any of these uber-powered indicas will sink you to the right depth.

Recommended: Blue Cheese, Northern Lights, Granddaddy Purple

Harry Potter: Order of the Phoenix (Book Five)

Chapter 34 — The Department of Mysteries


Unlike other chapters here listed, The Department of Mysteriesis one of the longest chapters in the Harry Potter series. Rowling textures this twisting adventure with exciting character interactions, visceral magical environments and a fiery wizarding shootout.

Be advised: the chapter immediately following, Beyond the Veil, is kind of a notorious heart-breaker.

The Department of Mysteriesis the perfect chapter for grandpas to read by the fireplace during a storm that’s knocked out electricity. Get comfy and indulge in a long-lasting, dissociative strain to disconnect you from the world. DOPE recommends a good bong filled with an indica-heavy hybrid, known to provide the wizard with immediate transport anywhere they want to go.

Recommended: Wedding Cake, Mango, G-13

Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows (Book Seven)

Chapter 31: The Battle of Hogwarts


The Battle of Hogwartsfollows not the assault on Hogwarts, but a desperate salvage mission featuring curses, brooms and an inferno inside the Room of Requirement. The chapter opens to Harry darting between battle preparations being undertaken by iconic characters. Harry soon finds himself engaged in a long-awaited and rage-fueled rival showdown — with satisfyingly lethal consequences. 

Though the chapter is long, with three distinct phases, written pacing speeds the reading and the chapter zooms toward the next. DOPE recommends a sativa-leaning hybrid for this read-through. The right strain will promote focus enough to follow quickly flitting conversation but also amplify visualization of the showdown in the Room of Requirement.

Recommended: Thin Mint GSC, Purple Haze, Berry White

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